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Who Is Most Likely To Get Custody Of A Child?

Custody Of A Child

The ending of a marriage is a heartbreaking moment for the entire family.

It is up to the parents to understand the importance of their actions when the family is going through an unpleasant separation. Handling a court process while helping your children adapt to their new circumstances can be challenging if you are on your own.

When you fight for custody, a Child Custody Lawyer in Phoenix will understand your situation and give you their full support. Knowing how child custody laws work in your state is vital if you want to keep your children safe.

Custody battles are painful experiences, and court proceedings might sometimes be complicated. A lawyer will ensure that when you go through this period, you will receive the necessary support and legal advice you need. If you are unsure about your chances of receiving custody of your child, read more about the process below.

Your Background Plays an Important Role

When it comes to determining the best living situation for children, the court will consider the parent who can offer the most stable and safe environment. To receive custody, you must prove that you are physically and financially able to provide for your children. Both parents must provide information regarding their job, income, and personal habits.

The judge will ensure that the custody claim is not just a way to lash out at the other spouse. Other factors are whether the children will have to change their lifestyle in a significant way or if they have any specific preferences.

Additionally, the behavioral history of each parent will influence the judge’s decision. Any false abuse accusations and malicious behaviors will reflect poorly on the parent making them.


Are Mothers Favored in Court?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s study, in 2017, 25 states encouraged laws that promote joint custody of children, and 13 states did not consider children’s preferences in their ruling. Although women were more likely to receive full custody of the children in the past, this is not relevant anymore. The judge will decide which parent receives primary custody by considering the child’s best interests.

Habits such as drinking, smoking, or drug use will decrease a parent’s chances of receiving custody. In the past, mothers were considered more nurturing. The reasoning was that young children need a mother in their lives to develop properly.

These days, the gender of the parent is not relevant to the ruling. Hence, mothers and fathers have the same chances of receiving primary custody. The relationship with your child will play an essential role in the judge’s decision, but a divorce lawyer can also help your case out.

Hire a Qualified Child Custody Lawyer

During court proceedings, the judge will implement a parenting plan that both parents agreed on beforehand. A parenting plan involves legal decision-making, responsibilities, and right over education, healthcare, religious upbringing, and many more critical factors. The judge will establish the allocated parenting time, among other factors.

These procedures tend to become complicated, especially if one of the parents is not collaborative. Hiring a child custody lawyer will help you during the court proceedings and give you valuable legal advice. A custody battle puts much stress on the parents and the children.

Having a qualified attorney to mediate the case will make this life-changing moment easier by offering you their support and increasing your chances of reaching your desired results.


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