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Getting help from a DC criminal lawyer is a good idea if you have been accused of a crime.

A DC criminal lawyer can help you by arguing on your behalf and making sure that you are treated fairly.

The lawyer you choose should have a good record of getting clients out of jail. Learn more.


Whether you are a first-time offender, or you are an experienced driver, you may need a DC DUI lawyer to defend you against DUI charges. DUI charges are extremely serious in Washington, DC, and they can carry serious penalties. These penalties can include jail time, fines, revocation of your license, travel restrictions, and a reduced credit rating.

You may be surprised to learn that you can be charged with a DUI in Washington, DC even if you weren’t actually driving. The police can pull you over and charge you with DUI if they have probable cause to believe you were driving while under the influence. This means you were swerving in the traffic, running a stop sign, or having some other articulable reason to think you were driving while under the influence.

You can also be charged with DUI if you refused to submit to a chemical test of your blood or breath. If you were stopped for a DUI, you must request an administrative hearing within a certain timeframe. If you fail to request the hearing within the timeframe, your license may be suspended.



Defending against DC shoplifting charges requires an attorney who can create a strong defense. In addition, your lawyer can explain your rights and help you press charges against the shoplifter. This article will outline the differences between shoplifting and theft, the consequences of shoplifting, and how your attorney can help you build an effective defense.

Shoplifting is the act of stealing personal property from a store, store establishment, factory, or another place of business without paying for the items. Shoplifting can take place in a number of ways, including removing the identifying mark, removing the packaging, or taking the item without paying.

Shoplifting is a misdemeanor. Typically, shoplifting charges are punishable by a fine and jail time. In some cases, shoplifting charges can lead to probation. In some cases, probation may be granted if the offender completes community service or other requirements.

The government can also charge theft if the defendant does not pay for services or products. For example, if a taxi driver refuses to pay a cab fare, the government may charge the offender with theft of services.


Federal crimes

Whether you’ve been arrested or have been convicted of a federal crime, you will need a federal crime and DC criminal lawyer. A criminal charge can have a profound impact on your life. It can carry lengthy prison sentences, heavy fines, and social stigma.

You may also be subject to restitution. Depending on the type of charges you are facing, you may be eligible for reduced sentences if you show good behavior. It’s important to hire an experienced lawyer early in the process to avoid mistakes that can cost you your freedom.

A DC federal criminal lawyer has the resources to fight federal crimes and will work to help you get your charges dismissed or reduced. Federal laws are much more complicated than state laws. They often involve complicated investigations and can have life-changing consequences. An experienced federal lawyer can help you understand the laws and find ways to protect your rights.

Unlike state criminal charges, federal criminal charges can involve extensive investigations. These can include extensive searches and video recordings. They also often involve confessions from the suspect.

Federal Crimes


Getting a divorce in Washington DC can be a difficult time. There are a variety of factors that come into play. This can include complex legal issues such as child custody and property division. Getting a divorce can also be a financially stressful experience.

A Washington DC divorce lawyer can help a couple understand what to expect. These lawyers also can help clients communicate with their spouses and protect their legal assets. In addition, they can assist with filing all necessary paperwork. A Washington DC divorce lawyer can also explain how the court will evaluate competing child custody claims.

Property division can be negotiated or a court may decide to divide the property. The courts may also award alimony or health insurance coverage for the ex-spouse. In addition, unexpected medical expenses may be assessed against the non-custodial parent as an additional alimony payment.

Child custody laws in Washington DC can be complex. The court must make decisions in the best interest of the children. The court also has the power to impose civil protection orders on a person, which can require the person to leave the home and cease contact with the children.



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