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Scared Of Your Employers Finding Out About Your Cannabis Use?

Cannabis Use

Mr. Bill Quirk, a California State Assembly member, has good news in store for offsite Cannabis users. Recreational use of Cannabis was legalized in the golden state in 2016. However, regulations on workplace use were to be dealt with by employers. 

However, a bill proposed by Mr. Hayward and Mr. Quirk seeks to bring about a change to that.

This new bill, AB2188, will make sure that employees cannot be punished legally for cannabis use after work hours. It is important to know that cannabis use should affect or impair one’s performance in any way. 

Chances are that not being able to function fully under the influence could get one in trouble, even if not used during working hours.

Mariko Yoshihara, Employment Lawyer Association member has stated that the bill does not encourage or endorse employees turning up to work while “high”. 

He has further said that the bill allows for one to be able to use cannabis, off working hours, just like any other thing permitted by law.

Commonly used tests have mostly picked up on inactive traces of cannabis which do not affect work performance at all. Urine sample tests, however, pick up drugs that have been used days prior, even weeks. 

The bill is scheduled to be enacted in the year 2024 if Governor Newson signs it. It is to put an end to such tests and introduce tests that detect marijuana use in the past couple of hours. 

Cannabis advocates seem to be happy with the terms of the bill.

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