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Singapore Seeks Compromise On Review Of Law On Homosexuality

Law On Homosexuality

The law, having existed since colonial times, bans sexual practices between males. Deputy Prime Minister Wong has stated that the law stands as a symbol of the values upheld by Singaporean society. Thus, Wong feels that a compromise is necessary.

In an earlier interview with Bloomberg press, Wong, who also serves as the finance minister and premier in waiting, held that laws represented something much more important. The laws stood for the values upheld by society, such as marriage and family.

Wong said that there remains a possible problem of it creating further divisions in society.

Many of the previous attempts to legalize same-sex marriage have failed. The nation of Taiwan is the only place that has recognized it.

Singapore’s highest court of the land has declared the unenforceability of Section 377A. Wong has stated that this section is not something introduced, it is rather inherited.

The government authorities had stated that a review of the provision in question Section 377A of the Penal Code of Singapore will not grant a legitimate status to gay marriage

The government claims that it is aware of the changing times and laws. But when it is a question of fundamental values such as marriage or family, it is hard to deviate or change how the common folks feel.

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