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USA V. Panama: Soccer Laws That Govern USA

USA V. Panama

On the 12th of July, 2023, the USA V. Panama soccer game took place. There, the United States soccer team lost in the Gold Cup semi-final to Panama. The game ended in a tie. They had to play extra time and an additional penalty shootout. The players were tired from playing another intense game just a few days ago. Jesus Ferreira scored a goal to tie the game, but it wasn’t enough to win and advance to the final.

If you are a soccer enthusiast, you already know this bit, don’t you?

But have you ever wondered what federal or state laws govern the very game that you so dote on? Yes. The field of law is indeed vast. Any aspect of your everyday life you can point your finger to has a law on it. 

As a fellow soccer enthusiast and a lawyer, I will be talking about a bit of both. This article will give you all that you need to know about soccer laws, how to watch USA V. Panama, and where to watch USA V. Panama. So, Read on!

Soccer Laws In the USA Governing The Match

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Federal and state laws in the United States mainly focus on areas such as labor regulations, safety standards, and competition governance. They touch on these aspects rather than the specific rules of soccer itself. You have often seen controversies where the team or a particular player was caught not following these rules. Here are some relevant federal and state laws related to soccer in the USA.

USA V. Panama: Antitrust Laws Governing The Match

Federal antitrust laws, such as the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act, have authority over professional soccer leagues, too. 

They govern matters of competition and monopolies and see to the restraint of trade. 

These laws promote fair competition and prevent anti-competitive practices.

The legal battle between Major League Soccer (MLS) and the North American Soccer League (NASL) took place in 2017. Here the NASL filed an antitrust lawsuit against the MLS on the grounds that MLS controlled player contracts and franchise expansions. These were unfair means to create a monopoly in the U.S. soccer market.

USA V. Panama: Labor Laws Governing The Match

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) gives all soccer players the right to collective bargaining and form labor unions. It also gives rules and guidelines to promote fair labor practices. This may include negotiations on wages, working conditions, and other benefits.

A controversy in labor laws happened in the United States Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) regarding a gender discrimination lawsuit. It claimed that the United States Soccer Federation had been unequally paying the team as compared to the men’s national team. 

USA V. Panama: Youth Sports Safety Laws Governing The Match

Several states have laws that protect the health and safety of young athletes, including soccer. These laws govern concussion protocols, training on player safety, and safe playing conditions.

Some critics say that there aren’t enough guidelines or adequate funding for their implementation, for that matter. 

USA V. Panama: Professional Sports Leagues Laws Governing The Match

Professional soccer leagues like the Major League Soccer (MLS) and the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) have league rules of their own. They are about player contracts, salary, transfers, and overall governance.

One relevant controversy in professional soccer leagues was about the Promotion/Relegation system. 

USA V. Panama: Sports Wagering Laws Governing The Match

Sports betting laws vary by state in the United States. In some states, betting is legal, but there are specific regulations on soccer matches.

It’s important to note that laws can vary by state, and regulations may differ depending on the level of the match, like professional, collegiate, youth, etc.

About the Soccer Match: Where to Watch USA V. Panama?

If you want to watch the USA vs. Panama semifinal match, here’s how you can do it:

In the USA:

  • TV Channels: FS1, Univision, TUDN
  • Streaming platforms: Fubo, Fox Sports website/app, TUDN website/app

You can watch the match on FS1 (English), Univision, and TUDN (Spanish) if you have those channels on your TV. If you prefer streaming, you can use Fubo, the Fox Sports website/app, or the TUDN website/app. Fubo offers a free trial for new users.

In Canada:

  • TV Channel: Telus Optik TV (Channel 980)
  • Streaming platforms: Fubo Canada, OneSoccer website/app

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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