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Woman From Texas  Pleads Guilty To Threats Against Judge in Trump Case

Woman From Texas  Pleads Guilty To Threats Against Judge in Trump Case

A citizen who hails from Houston decided to plead guilty in a death threat case. She was facing criminal charges after she went on to make death threats to a U.S. District Judge.

The judge in question is the esteemed Aileen Cannon. They were appointed by the ex-President of the United States, Mr. Donald Trump. What’s interesting is that Judge Cannon is currently looking over the criminal trial against Mr. Trump. There are multiple criminal charges against him for keeping classified documents from the White House hidden is his properties.

Tiffani Shea Gish, female, 50 years old, and a resident of the state of Houston. She pleaded guilty to interstate communications for threatening to kidnap the Judge. She had also threatened to injure the judge.

The case trial took place on Thursday. The sentencing for Gish’s case is all set to take place in Feb. 9. 2024.  It is to take place before the U.S. District Judge, esteemed David Hittner, in the federal court of Houston.

The prosecutors in the case said that Gish had tried to threaten Judge Cannon by leaving voicemails in their chambers in the state of Florida. Gish was also claiming that she was a federal agent who had a “license to kill.” 

A Houston U.S. Attorney said that “Tiffani Gish’s threats to assassinate a federal judge have no place in a republic whose strength comes from the rule of law. The defense lawyers of Gish have not responded with a comment yet. 

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