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Gag Order Imposed in Donald Trump’s Trial

Gag Order Imposed in Donald Trump's Trial

The civil fraud trial of the former President of the United States has taken a different turn. The Judge assigned to the case has now proceeded to pass a gag order. 

While doing so, he has also warned against all potential violations. Speculations say that this new turn of events is a result of Trump criticizing the activities of the judge’s law clerk on social media platforms. 

Justice Arthur Engoron is the Judge in the fraud trial. As a response to this case which is taking place in New York, he has stated that the comments from Trump about his staff are “unacceptable.”

The Judge has restricted both sides from engaging in talks or passing comments about his staff members. He has also warned about “serious sanctions” if the parties involved did not abide by the new rules. 

 As of now, he has not specified the kind of sanctions he will be imposing. However, sanctions may include fines, jail time, or both for contempt of court.

Amidst all the humdrum, the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, maintains her stance on the accusations against Mr. Trump. She has made claims that Mr. Donald Trump and his associates are providing an incorrect valuation of their assets.Β 

Trump and associates apparently provided false statements on the evaluation of his wealth to secure loans and insurance. This is the matter that the Trump Fraud Trial will be adjudicated on. Hence, the much-awaited trial could impact Trump’s business empire and his 2024 presidential ambitions.

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