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Different Types Of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal Lawyers

When it comes to criminal law, there are many types of criminal defense lawyers depending upon the situation and the specialization that they have done.

Although finding the best criminal lawyer suitable for you can be challenging, finding the right one will surely increase the success rate of your case.

Suppose your case is on the simpler side, and you feel you don’t need a criminal defense lawyer. In that case, it is still preferable to consult with them to provide you with criminal defense law implications and enlighten you with their defense strategy and plan of action.

Specialization Of Different Criminal Lawyers!

Criminal lawyers show a keen interest in learning the case details and understand if they specialize in that particular domain; if not, they would refer you to someone who deals with such cases regularly. Many criminal defense attorneys in Phoenix, AZ, give it their all to have the client’s side showcased appropriately in the courtroom.

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Interestingly, that’s not all! To help you there, here are some types of exceptional cases where different types of criminal defense lawyers are needed:

1. Self-defense

This is a very crucial part when it comes to criminal defense. Self-defense is nothing but harming someone else for their protection.

The fundamental ideology applied in this case is the right to protection of themselves, their friends, their families, or even fellow citizens. The self-defense lawyers go through the entire case carefully as they need to prove that the defendant thought they were in danger.

However, two critical aspects are that the threats must be accurate, and even after the threat’s authenticity, the defendant’s reaction should also be genuine.

2. Insanity

Although this is the least used phenomenon in real life, insanity is a condition where defendants can plead guilty based on their mental health.

This case can only proceed when the defendant accepts that they have committed a crime; however, they could not stop the crime from happening. Even after the confession that they were not in the right state of mind, most cases get isolated or institutionalized for a prolonged period.

3. Intoxication

This simply means that the defendant couldn’t understand the repercussion of their actions because they were under alcohol. As per criminal defense attorneys in Tempe, AZ, such cases are a clear win for the defendant if the intoxication was involuntary.

This means they were tricked into consuming alcohol, and therefore the defendant couldn’t differentiate between right and wrong.

4. Consent

This is a very tricky law! This merely means that if the defendant can convince that they have committed the crime using the victim’s consent, it is not considered a crime.

However, the defendant must prove that the victim was in a proper position to consent and that it was not forcefully taken. This will only be valid if the victim is in a position to consent and can be held liable for it.

Now you know!

Many types of criminal lawyers deal with various types of criminal law and have an expert who can give you specialized solutions based on your need for the case.


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