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Benjamin Netanyahu Hospitalized Before A Crucial Vote On Judicial Reform In Israel

Benjamin Netanyahu Hospitalized Before A Crucial Vote On Judicial Reform In Israel

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently went through a medical procedure. He had an urgent operation to put in a pacemaker after going to the hospital on Saturday night.

The doctors who carried out the procedure at the Sheba Medical Centre said the surgery went well, and he’s no longer in a critical condition.


This operation took place just before an important vote in parliament about changing the judiciary system in Israel, which has caused protests all across the nation. Many workers said they would strike if the bill was passed. 

The Prime Minister was in the news a few weeks ago, stating that the ruling party would come to a decision regarding the pending reform soon. This statement came after the opposing party failed to reach a point of negotiation and did not agree to any parts of the reform. 

Before the surgery, Mr. Netanyahu spoke in a video saying he felt “excellent,” but he was following his doctors’ advice.

People were worried about his health after he was taken to the hospital last week because of dehydration.

The surgery went smoothly without any problems, according to Prof. Roy Beinart from Sheba Medical Center. He confirmed that Mr. Netanyahu’s life was not in danger.

The Prime Minister’s office said he would leave the hospital on Monday, but his planned trips to Cyprus and Turkey would be postponed.

Mr. Netanyahu believed he would be well enough to attend the parliament session after the procedure. The next two days would be crucial for a critical vote on the government’s plans to change the judiciary. These reforms have caused protests for months, aiming to limit the Supreme Court’s powers.

Current Circumstances

The vote, set for Monday, would be a face-off between the strong religious-nationalist coalition and many people in Israeli society. The parliament began discussing the controversial bill on Sunday.

Opposition MPs in Israel are taking turns to urge the government to drop the judicial reform plans.

On Saturday, three former army chiefs of staff and many senior Israeli security officials signed a letter criticizing the government’s plans to reform the judiciary and showing support for reservists.

The letter said that these reforms are causing serious damage to Israeli society, dividing the people, weakening the military, and harming Israel’s security.

Brothers in Arms, a group representing 10,000 reservists, expressed their frustration with the government’s plans.

“We have tried everything, but this is where we draw the line,” said Eyal Nave, one of the leaders of Brothers in Arms.

“We made a promise to serve the country, not just the leader,” Mr. Nave said, addressing Mr. Netanyahu directly. He blamed the Prime Minister for the current situation, saying that the government has let them down.

“I won’t volunteer to serve in a country ruled by a dictator,” he added.

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