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Accusations Fly As Trump’s Lawyer Claims Bias in NY AG’s Lawsuit

Accusations Fly As Trump's Lawyer Claims Bias in NY AG's Lawsuit

Donald Trump’s Lawyer has accused New York Attorney General Letitia James of going against the Ex-President. According to the accusations that came on Friday, Attorney General James has been ignoring “everything.”

Trump ally, Kise, questions the actions of the AG general as she pursues a civil lawsuit against Trump. The lawsuit from James alleges that the former president was running a systematic fraud through his family business.

Christopher Kise is Trump’s lawyer. He has made this accusation against James at a New York State Court hearing. The hearing comes 10 days before the Oct. 2 trial of Donald Trump.

Justice Arthur Engoron is in charge of the trial. He is considering the case and accusations of Trump, his sons Donald Jr. and Eric, and the Trump Organization. Trump supporters and a major part of the Republican party are of the opinion that the case should be thrown out. They hold that there was no fraud. Trump supporters are also of the opinion that no one was harmed through Trump’s family businesses. They hold that the claims are old and baseless.

Judge Engoron will probably deliver the much-awaited ruling on Sept. 26. The ruling will come after he has heard both sides’ motions. The Judge holds that that larger matters are at stake.

“We’re talking about fairness and honesty in the marketplace,” he said. “The fact that nobody was hurt doesn’t mean the case gets dismissed.” 

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