Things You Should Know When You Are Caught In A DUI


Caught in a DUI is a nasty situation. If you are yet to understand the gravity of the situation, then we advise you to take it seriously.

Whether you were caught under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is not just a misdemeanor; it is something a felony.

Some of the common punishments against DUI are-

– Driver’s license was suspended for more than a year.

– Prison time at least for a year.

– Probation period with a permanent record behind your name.

It is not just a nuisance to get a pardon for DUI; it is almost impossible at times. It is like a permanent scar for your future because from now whenever you go for a job interview, your potential employers will know about it.

Why You Need An Attorney

Need An Attorney

According to Christopher J. Mutimer firm, here is why you should never wait before you call upon a DUI attorney.

  • They will be able to give you not just legal support but moral support as well. They will be making most of the objective decisions on your behalf.
  • They will teach you all the courtroom procedures and how to handle each interrogation.
  • They will make you understand whether you should plea bargain or plead innocent.
  • They will investigate the case and let you know whether you are eligible for a dismissal or probation and not punishment.

Things You Should Know

Here is what you need to know about DUI cases in the country. Maybe that will help you if you are ever caught:

1. Alcohol or drugs can be in your breath even when you haven’t consumed anything. Yes, it could be from fumes of rubber, paint, cement, glue, or smoke and chemicals.

2. The officer on the field will always need your consent in order to take your sobriety test. They can never force themselves to take it.

3. It doesn’t always have to be a car. It can be a golf cart and even a tractor to get you into a DUI.

4. The only thing which you have to do is to show them your id and license. You’re not obliged to ask any question on the field.

5. There are polite ways in which you can decline to answer questions. Being rude or argumentative with the officer wouldn’t work. You have to take the higher ground.

6. Do not get intimidated because if you do, you might judge your own toxication wrong. You might admit or confess to statements. If you are not too intoxicated and are within the permissible limit, be true to your situation.

7. Prepare for your driver’s license to be suspended. This is a major consequence that you have to deal with if you refuse a breathalyzer. However, there might be some loopholes that your DUI lawyer can discover. So, call for an attorney immediately.

8. If you have a license to own a weapon, like a gun, there is a potential that you might lose that. But, it is not indefinite but just for the next five years.

9. The set limit for alcohol consumption while handling a weapon is .08 BAC.

10. This is peculiar! But with a DUI on your record, it might be difficult to get a visa for Canada unless you get an attorney involved and get special permission.

11. Texas is the only place where you can refuse to take a breath test, and your license will be unharmed.

12. If you are arrested and taken to the station, the cops will ask you for a sobriety test again, and you can refuse to take them.

13. However, if you decide to take a sobriety test once you are inside the police station, you are giving the police a certain right. This means they can either ask you to take a breathalyzer test or a blood test, and it will be their choice.

Get Help!

During the interrogation, you have every right to call for an attorney and take legal help. Since DUI is also a felony, it is your right as a US citizen.

So, all we would say is to get the right help, so you do not take the wrong step and bring more trouble for yourself.


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