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Disney Faces Accusations Of Bribery And Getting Special Treatment

Disney Faces Accusations Of Bribery And Getting Special Treatment

The Florida Governor, Mr. Ron DeSantis appointed a team who are to supervise the elaborate theme parks by Walt Disney.

He has levelled accusations against this company of giving the prior local board and multiple employees numerous benefits unfairly.

For example, millions in the form of tickets, major discounts on hotel accommodations, brand merchandise, more such advantages. They have equated the benefits as bribes. They have done this to typically to the public officials of the region.

“For years, the company treated district employees like Disney employees by, for instance, providing complimentary annual passes and steep discounts — benefits and perks that were akin to bribes.” This was according to a report of 80 pages. The Governor and his team had to prepare this report.

“Not surprisingly then, the district’s employees believed that it was in their job to prioritize the interests of Disney.” It further added.

The state’s legislature founded the District of Reedy Creek way back in 1967. This has a special purpose specifically to support the Walt Disney World and its development.

The Disney world would be built on a whole 25,000 acres. It has both swamp land and pastures. This was to happen in the central areas of Florida. This area was apparently so secluded that its power and water supply lines were 16 km to 24 km away.

A district with special taxation was even created under a unit of the local government for this very purpose.

The report further added that Disney enjoyed “exceptionally broad authority to regulate itself, at Disney’s total discretion”.

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