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Burns From Spilt Hot Coffee Got Her $200k In Compensation

Burns From Spilt Hot Coffee Got Her $200k In Compensation

Burns From Spilt Hot Coffee Got Her $200k In Compensation! Yes, you read that right! The case in question is “Liebeck vs. McDonald’s”. It is one of the most well-known case revolving around the broader topic of personal injury. Liebeck suffered third degree burns from spilled coffee that she had gotten at a McDonald’s drive through. She was awarded $200k compensation from her personal injury claim

In personal injury cases, victims seek compensation for harm caused by someone else’s negligence. These cases make sure the negligent party takes responsibility and pays the damages caused by their actions. In this article, we’ll tell you about three interesting personal injury cases where people sued corporate giants and won. We choose to share these stories in hopes that more victims will feel empowered to take legal action, no matter who the wrongdoer or negligent party is.

So, What is Personal Injury?

What is Personal Injury

Burns From Spilt Hot Coffee Got Her $200k In Compensation! Do you want to know how that could happen? Personal Injury refers to physical or emotional harm that comes upon a victim due to the actions or negligence of someone else. It commonly involves an individual getting hurt or suffering damage to their body, mind, or emotions because of negligence and wrongdoing on the part of others.

Personal injury lawsuits are filed to seek compensation for the pain, suffering, and losses to the injured person. Victims take legal action to hold the negligent party accountable. This usually ends with the victim receiving punitive damage for their injuries.

Who is a Personal Injury Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer is one who represents individuals who have been injured or harmed due to the negligence or misconduct of others. They legally represent and guide the injured victim throughout the legal process and its complexities. The personal injury lawyer’s primary role is to protect the client’s rights and also get them a fair and just compensation.

Burns From Spilt Hot Coffee Got Her $200k In Compensation! Well, whenever you are hurt in these kinds of injuries, the lawyer will investigate the case, gather evidence to build a strong legal argument. They will carry out all negotiations with the insurance companies as well as opposing parties. They will help you reach a settlement that covers the client’s medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

If the settlement is not favorable, they will take the case to court and represent their client during the trial to ensure that their client receives the justice they deserve.

Finally: Top 3 Interesting Personal Injury Cases!

Let us look into some interesting personal injury cases now.

Liebeck vs. McDonald’s (Burns From Spilt Hot Coffee Got Her $200k In Compensation)

This is one of the most famous person injury cases in the history of United States. All started in 1994 when Stella, 79 years of age bought coffee at a McDonald’s outlet (drive through). She got her coffee and with trying to put sugar and cream in it. In the process the cup tilted and coffee got spilled all over her. The coffee was a temperature of 190 degree Fahrenheit. Naturally she got third degree burns all over her legs. 

She went on to file a personal injury claim and offered to get a settlement of $20000 to cover all the medical expenses. She also claimed that the McDonald’s coffee had 40 Degrees greater temperature than the coffee is served at other companies. McDonald’s refused her amount and only offer to pay her 800 dollars. 

Her attempts to convince McDonald’s went on for 6 months but they continued to refuse. Frustrated, she took her case to trial. As a result, McDonald’s lost the case and Stella was awarded $200000. However the Jury soon decided that she was 20% responsible for her own injury and therefore she went on to receive only $160000. However the court soon awarded her $2.7 million as a form of punitive damage.

Escolw v. Coca Cola

This case is a leading precendent in product liability. It was filed in 1944 when a waitress called Gladys Escola who was stalking coca-cola glass bottles and one suddenly exploded in her hands. She suffered deep cut into her palm and all over her hands. Her blood vessels and nerve endings were also damaged in the accident. 

She went on to file a personal injury claim against coca-cola to pay for her medical bills and her over all suffering. 

Her lawyer called one of coca-cola delivery drivers to testify that he had witnessed multiple bottles explode before in the warehouse. Her legal team was also able to replica the exact defect in front of a jury. This went on long enough for the jury to decide that coca-cola was the negligent party. 

How to make a coca-cola company had to compensate Escola for her medical expenses.

Grimshaw v. Ford Motor Company

This is a 1972 case. Lily was driving in a Ford with Richard. The vehicle got rear-ended and burst into flames. Richard was severely injured in the incident and Lily passed away from her injuries. It was later found out that this model of Ford, called Ford Pinto had earlier burst out into flames multiple times. 

Ford Motor Company in realized that the gas times were highly combustible and had a chance of bursting in the rear end during their trash test. But even after that they chose to stay put and not do anything to address the issue. 

Innocent people were burned to death even when the vehicle was running in low speed. Finally in 1981 individual wrongful death and personal injury lawsuit were lodged against the company. The court went on to award $127 million to the victims and families.

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