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WWE To Face Rivalry Antitrust Lawsuit

WWE To Face Rivalry Antitrust Lawsuit

A judge in the US has been noted to reject the ‘World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE.N)’ measures for dismissal of a small rival’s antitrust lawsuit. 

The rival accused WWE of monopolizing the wrestling entertainment segment for the rights of professional wrestling media rights.

In a decision that was provided on Thursday, the District Judge of San Jose, California, Edward Davila, stated that MLW Media provided appropriate evidence against WWE’s usage of dominance. 

WWE is known to dominate the wrestling entertainment sector for preventing rivals from having access to arenas and distributors. 

MLW Media claimed that Connecticut-based WWE is known to command 92% of revenue from US-based media rights for professional wrestling, compared to 6% of All Elite Wrestling and less than 2% for others. 

The New York-based plaintiff, Mamaroneck, has also stated that WWE has exclusive rights agreements with Fox and Comcast. On the other hand, NBC Universal has also supported the claim by stating WWE’s ability to block rivals from streaming on various NBC platforms. 

The lawyer for MLW has provided a statement regarding the recovery of substantial damages that the company has suffered due to WWE’s years of anti-competitive behavior towards its rivals. 

In order to seek dismissal of the case, WWE has stated that wrestling promoters have a variety of tools provided by network distributors to manage their content. 

WWE also stated that MLW could sign up with platforms and channels like those operated by Amazon, CBS, Disney, Netflix, and Warner Bros Discovery. 

The lawsuit between WWE and MLW Media started in the year 2022 in January, and it is still being pursued.

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