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Which Of The Following Is An Example Of Sexual Coercion?

which of the following is an example of sexual coercion

Which Of The Following Is An Example Of Sexual Coercion?

  1. A known carcinogen allegedly causing the damage. And driving someone to feel more accountable for engaging in the sexual activity
  2. Rationalizing for making an unwanted sexual advance activity toward someone
  3. Withdrawing emotional and financial support unless someone is engaging in sexual activity.
  4. All of the options are correct.

Answer: No 4 option. All of the above options is correct for the sexual coercion example.


The issue of sexual coercion has been around for many years. So many questions people use to ask me about this issue.Because lack of clarity makes it hard for people to understand the entire issue. But when you are evaluating the example of coercion you will get better knowledge about the subject.

Let’s start with which of the following is an example of sexual coercion? I am starting with a simple Coercion Definition.

Why There Is Confusion Regarding Coercion And consent?

In fact, if you gave quite a good number of people a considerable number of situations and asked them which of the following is an example of sexual coercion you will be surprised.  

Not a good number of people know what sexual coercion definition is. What people know is what they think is sexual coercion which is never the case in some incidents. In fact, one of the reasons why some people find it hard to sustain a case involving sexual coercion is because some of them do not have an idea of sexual coercion is.  

This lack of information has made it essential to offer as much education on this issue as it is possible.  Having knowledge of sexual coercion will without any doubt put you in a much better position of addressing this issue. In this view, therefore, this text looks into the entire issue of sexual coercion and whether it is a form of sexual abuse.  

What Is Sexual Coercion? 

Get an introduction to the sexual coercion definition. Before looking at anything in sexual coercion it is important to, first of all, begin by giving sexual coercion a proper definition.  This definition will form the basis of any discussion that will follow afterward on the same. 

There are many ways that can all be used for sexual coercion definition. This makes it a bit harder to give this the best and an accepted definition across the globe.  

Nonetheless, sex can be best described as an unwanted sexual activity.  This kind of activity occurs when one is put under pressure to have sex in ways that are not physical. In many cases, the people affected end up with some kind of trauma that affects them for many years to come.  

Is There Any Law Against Sexual Coercion?

Even though sexual coercion or being coerced occurs to people of all gender, women are the most affected people in all these cases.  More so, these cases happen in the event of abusive marriages where some people prevail over others due to their strength and other privileges which the other parties might not have.  

Either way, agreeing to sexual grievances under a form of coercion is regarded as an abusive relationship.  However, it is also important to note that sexual coercion in itself is not a criminal offense under any law

This, therefore, means that in many cases, any such go unreported with the victims failing to get any form of justice at the end of the day.  

What Are The Different Forms Of Sexual Coercion?

One thing you need to note is that sexual coercion or being coerced comes in many forms. In some cases, some partners can use good words like promises to advance their sexual interests while in others, they may use some kind of threat. 

For instance, a partner might threaten to withdraw some privileges from their partner should their sexual advances be turned down.  

In such an event, the other party might go ahead to engage in sex with his or her partner against her will or his will if the case involves a man. 

Unlike the ordinary scenarios where sexual activities bring happiness to the people involved, this one or the one, in this case, does not.

In fact, many people who have been victims of sexual coercion have all gone ahead to experience some form of trauma afterward.  

Is Sexual Coercion A Crime? 

There are many questions that people ask about sexual coercion, in some cases, people give many examples and ask the question which of the following is an example of sexual coercion. Depending on the examples given in each case, there are so many things that you can list to prove or argue your case.  

That though is not important, the most important thing that many people are interested in is finding out whether sexual coercion is a form of crime. What qualifies to be called a crime, in this case, is sexual assault which is very different from sexual coercion. 

Sexual assault in many cases whenever there is the use of force and physical violence in getting one’s sexual desires yielded. Coercion does not work like that, in sexual coercion, one of the parties involved agrees to sex but only under duress.  This means even though they might not really like the idea of having sex, they just take part in it for some reason.  

Sexual Coercion Is A Form Of Abuse 

To be honest, sexual coercion is a form of abuse but not the physical abuse that people know.  In fact, one of the reasons why people find it hard to prosecute people for sexual coercion is because of this very issue.  It is without any doubt a very difficult thing to prove that sexual coercion is a form of sexual abuse.  

Even though there are various forms of abuse that can be cited for this case, they are not physical abuse given that they cannot be used to hold someone to account. 

In many cases, the sexual coercion aggressors play or rather exploit the weaknesses of their victims to get what they need when they need it.  This is why some victims undergo this kind of oppression for a long without noticing it.  

Punishments Agonist The Sexual Coercion?

Sexual coercion is an unwanted sexual activity. Which of the following is an example of sexual coercion? Being threatened, pressurized, abused, and tricked are examples of sexual coercion.
Many time happens out of our concern people try to make sexual activities. This type of approach comes from someone who is more powerful than you. It might be your teacher, boss, or leader.
Here are the potential punishments for the sexual coercion charges.
If one is found guilty of the coercion charges that man can get a penalty of 3 years to 2 years of imprisonment.
This penalty can be extended as the crime is more serious. But the maximum punishment for the coercion charges is 3 years of imprisonment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coercion

1. What Are The Examples Of Coercion?

According to the law, certain types of coercion are examples of coercion.

  • When someone’s actions include blackmails, tortures, and threats, any favors are included, even when sexual assaults are also included in the examples as per Sexual assault laws in Virginia.
  • Coercion-related actions are also an act of leverage.

2. What Is Coercion For A Minor?

According to federal law, there are specific laws against coercion charges. In the US, this counts as a punishable offense. If you are charging against it, you need immediate help from a legal advisor.

According to the law, under 18 teenagers are not allowed any type of business-related sexual activity. 

3. What You Know About Sexual Coercion Quizlet?

 In Canada, there are three levels of sexual assault categories present. First, the laws of Canada have a rule for victims who can not give consent or are against their will. In addition, children and disabled individuals have extreme penalties.


If someone gave you an example of rape, forced sex, and others and asked you which of the following is an example of sexual coercion your answer will be none. 

Even though sexual coercion goes on in many places, it does not manifest itself as a form of abuse that you can prove in court for a conviction.

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