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What Is A Case Management Conference in Family Court?

Case Management Conference

When someone asks what is case management conference you might have so many responses to give for this. There are many definitions that law and lawyers give for this but for this purpose, more focus court drives towards case management conferences in legal matters.  

What Is Case Management Conference?

In legal terms, case management refers to any scheduled proceedings in which the court is involved in a matter. As you already know, a litigation process comes with quite a good number of stages.

These processes are so many from the filing of a petition or complaint and many others that you might know already.  

A case management conference or CMC legal term is one of these stages of litigation procedures. Unfortunately, unlike the other processes, people do not know this process much.

This is exactly why it is so essential to try to put in some effort in trying to five a proper description and account of what a case management conference is.  

Case Management Conference Is All About Family 

When you hear about the initial case management conferences you need to know that these cases or such arraignments are all about family. In fact, the best way to describe a case management conference is that it is a litigation procedure in which a meeting is held between family members and the judge involved in the case.  

In many cases, the lawyers representing the parties involved in the case might also be involved in this case.  This process can only commence before the lawsuit begins and also before the trial. 

The essence of a case management conference is to hold a meeting between the involved family members and the judge.  

One of the major things discussed on the court or the main one for that matter is discussing the best way a case can proceed. There are quite a number of factors that the court discusses during this process which upon agreement the case will proceed in that manner.  Here are some of the issues that are agreed upon during this process: 

  • The kind of issues the parent and the complainant agree upon 
  • The possibility of a quick settlement of the case 
  • What kind of issues are there on which the parents disagree?

Once all these issues have been raised appropriately by all the interested people the presiding judge will then decide on the best way the case can proceed. 

For instance, there are cases where the judge might decide to instruct the mediation of the case. This happens in the event where parents are unable to decide on the custody of the children.  

If the matters involved in this case are so complex and challenging, the judge might also decide to allow for a different form of settlement. The main motive of doing this is to make sure that whatever issues exist between the people in question are settled amicably.  

When Will The Hearing Happen?

The hearing happens within 90 days. Generally, the court set a date. The court sends emails or notifies the defendants.

What Happens After A Case Management Conference Hearing?

Given that a case management conference happens before the hearing of the real case, you might find interest in knowing what happens afterward. Well, once a case management conference has been heard, the presiding judge will then set up a court date after 90 days. However, this 90 days period will only be arrived at once the defendant has filled his or her response.  

Once this communication has been made, the person involved in the case will then receive email communication.  This communication will notify all the parties involved in case of the hearing date of the case.

How To Prepare For A Case Management Conference Hearing 

A case management conference is all about presenting yourself in a court of law and being able to do so in the right way. To do this right, you need to adequately prepare yourself for this case and make sure that you give the best account of yourself during this case.  

So, how does one prepare himself or herself for a case management conference hearing, and is it even important to prepare for this?  Well, preparation for this case is so essential and knowing how to do this in the right way is even better.  

The best way to prepare for this case is to fully acclimatize yourself with all the case management conference proceedings. Where necessary, you can find out from people who have handled such cases in the past and how they did. Try explaining to them the structure of your case and see how best they can advise you.  

Other than that, you can also try watching previous videos of such court proceedings.  This will offer you all the essential insights you need. If you have some videos that were done in recent times on the same subject. You can start by watching those as well.  

Can The judge Make The Final Decision At The End Of The Day? 

Not really, in the case of a case management conference the judge does not give the final orders at the end of the day. What the judge does is that they only provide orders.

The case holders should follow these in the after activities of this case. The final decision, in this case, will take the parties in dispute. Then they can decide how best to deal with this matter in the end.  

However, you need to know that if by some chance the family members are not in agreement at the end of the day then the judge will not give the final orders. Remember, this is one of the rare cases in which the judge can hear the case. Here, all the matters involved then give the directions on this issue.  


The case management conference is something that remains a mystery to some people across the world. Questions generally people ask about this subject with answers becoming scarce on the same issue. 

The text above takes a look at what a case management conference is. Additionally, it covers all the other details you need to know about the same.  

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