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Weird Laws In The US That Will Surely Amaze You!

Weirdest Laws in the USA

The United States is a diverse and large nation. The nation has been known to provide legal scope to states and cities to enact their own laws and rules. This makes sense as if you live in New York; you might have a different life compared to living in Arizona, Texas. Due to this, there are a variety of weird laws in the US that seem to exist, and no one has tried to reverse them. We have searched various law books of all states of the US to determine the weird laws in the US.

The article showcases the weird laws in the US that exist in every state. 

15 Weirdest Laws in the USA

Alabama: Do Not Dress Up Like A Priest In Halloween 

In Alabama, you are not allowed to dress like a priest, nun, rabbi, or any clergy member, even when it is not Halloween. 

You can get arrested for a misdemeanor, and if convicted can lead to a fine of $5000 or spend a year in the county jail. 

Alaska: Do Not Wake Up A Bear For A Selfie

You surely would not have a bear near you. But there have been incidents of tourists distributing the sleep schedule of bears during hibernation for a selfie. 

You will not be getting jail time for this but might be faced with a fine. 

Arizona: No Donkey In The Bathtub

In Arizona, you cannot keep a donkey in your bathtub for the purpose of sleeping. 

A dam broke out in the region in 1920, which led to donkeys fleeing the ranch and getting accustomed to sleeping in the bathtub. 

Inability to rescue the animal, the town passed a law prohibiting donkeys from sleeping in bathtubs. 

However, they are allowed to stand on bathtubs in the state. 

Arkansas: You Cannot Name Your Child Zabradacka

We do not know the reason why in Arkansas, calling or naming a child Zabradacka is illegal. 

But whatever the reason or the meaning of the word, you are not allowed to name your child Zabradacka in this state. 

California: Animals Are Not Allowed To Procreate Near Churches

We really do not know the reason behind passing this law, but it must have happened a lot in the state. 

In the state of California, no animal is allowed to mate in close proximity to a church, school, or place of worship. 

Colorado: Do Not Mutilate Rocks 

In Colorado, you are not allowed to mutilate any natural substances. 

This includes rocks, plants, trees, wildflowers, and other features of the natural environment within recreational areas. 

Connecticut: Pickles Must Bounce

In 1948, two pickle sellers in the state were arrested for selling pickles unfit for human consumption. 

Connecticut’s then food and drug inspector stated that real pickles ‘should bounce’ when dropped from a one-foot height. 

This led to the creation of a weird law in the US. 

Delaware: Ilegal To Use Your Car As A Picnic Facility

The town of Fenwick Island restricts cars from being used as a picnic facility on any street or highway. 

Due to this, do not try to drink or eat while sitting in a car that is parked on a street or highway while in Fenwick Island. 

Georgia: Ban On Eating Fried Chicken With Tableware

It is illegal to eat fried chicken in Georgia.

The ban on eating fried chicken with any cutlery other than bare hands was imposed as a publicity stunt to popularize Gainesville as the poultry capital of the world. 

However, in 2009 a woman was arrested for having her fried chicken with a fork. 

This makes one of the weird laws in the US that is imposed to preserve the culture of Georgia. 

 Maryland: You Cannot Swear In Public

You might say swear words out loud in public. 

But be careful when you are in Maryland. The law has been passed in the state to ban the use of obscene language in the streets. 

Especially so that no passerby will be able to hear the swear word uttered by you. 

If you are charged with this, it might lead to a misdemeanor fine of $100. 

Nebraska: You cannot marry if you have an STD

While in Nebraska, you cannot get married to a local if you have an STD. 

This law has been passed in the state for the purpose of protecting Nebraskans from marrying anyone with venereal disease. 

However, it is difficult to enforce as no blood test report is required to acquire a marriage license. This makes one of the weird laws in the US exist. 

New Hampshire: You Cannot Pick Seaweed From The Beaches 

Lawmakers have made an effort to stop the illegal harvesting of seaweed in the state to protect its marine ecosystem. 

The reason it makes a weird law in the US is that it is only banned if you pick up seaweed at night. 

Locals have stated that this law is unenforceable and kind of stupid to exist in the books of the state. 

Pennsylvania: Illegal To Feed Your Cat Or Dog Only Once A Day

The law of Pennsylvania states cats and dogs are only required to be fed once a day if directed by a veterinarian. 

Due to this, if you have a cat or dog and live in Pennsylvania, then you will be required to feed your pet the amount to meet their nutritional requirement. 

Cats and dogs are also required to be provided with clean water three times a day. 

Tennesse: You Cannot Share Your Netflix Password

It is common to share the password of your Netflix with friends and families. 

But, if you stay in Tennessee, then this action might lead you to trouble. 

The state government of Tenessee has taken this step to restrict the occurrence of illegal streaming of movies from Netflix. 

We advise you to keep to yourself and the person you have ever shared your password secret to avoid trouble. 

Montana: Cannot Have A Rat As A Pet

In the state of Montana, it is illegal to sell, own, or raise a rat. 

It is only legal if a rat is kept for the purpose of feeding birds of prey or reptiles

But this law is kind of unenforceable as a police officer has to search your home to determine whether the rat is your pet or just a rodent staying in your basement. 

And Its A Wrap On Weird Laws In The US

Now you know the weird laws in the US that exist for some reason. 

These laws are mostly known for their inability to get enforced due to their weirdness. 

But, we will advise that you abide by these laws if you are visiting any of these states.

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