How to Prove To The Court That The Other Parent Is Not Fit For Getting Custody?

When you are thinking about how to get full custody of a child as a mother and believe the other parent is not suitable, you need to show the court your reasons.


Collect Evidence To Back You Up

Find Witnesses

If others have seen the other parent’s unsuitable behavior, ask them to speak up for you. Their words can be essential in court.

Save Communication

Keep a record of your conversations with the other parent, especially if they are concerned. Save emails, texts, and voicemails as evidence.

Show the court that you only want what’s best for your child. Avoid talking badly about the other parent and put your child’s well-being first.

Focus on Your Child

Protect Your Child

If your child is in danger, don’t wait. Get help from the right authorities immediately.

Be Respectful Even If Another Party Is Not

Be calm and polite during the process. Stick to the facts and evidence without making things up or being rude.