Does Cheating Affect Divorce Settlements?

Understanding the Role of Cheating in Divorce

The role of cheating in divorce varies on account of the state laws and its jurisdiction. In fault-based states like Arkansas, Delaware, and New York, cheating is a grave crime and falls under the grounds to file for divorce.

Legal Frameworks of Cheating and Divorce Laws of the USA

There are three different aspects of divorce laws in the USA. They are: – Fault vs. No-Fault Divorce – Legal Maxims. – Different kinds of state variations.

Impact on the Alimony

Alimony ensures both spouses maintain the same standard of living during the marriage. However, when cheating is a major factor in divorce, it can have a substantial impact on determining alimony.

Equitable Distribution of Assets and Adultery

The division of assets primarily occurs when a case is adultery.


The impact of cheating on divorce settlements is undeniably significant, albeit complex. While marital cheating evokes strong emotions and fuels contentious legal battles.