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Trump vs. Biden: Who Are The Double Haters?

Trump vs. Biden: Who Are The Double Haters?

President Joe Biden continues to be troubled by approval ratings. The figures are apparently well below 50%.

Normally, that could work. However, let us bear in mind that it is 2023. 2024 is going to witness the Presidential election that we are looking forward to.

However, to all democrats or left-leaning citizens who are eagerly waiting for Biden to be re-elected, Biden likes to adhere to his most common replay. “Don’t compare me to the Almighty, compare me to the alternative,” he says.

In other words, the Democratic Politicos are of the opinion that Joe Biden may not be the most likable guy. It is, after all, a democracy. So, many voters may question his policies. However, there is a strong belief that voters will prefer Biden as opposed to whichever candidate Republicans choose.

However, there seems to be a problem. The polling results show that Biden’s approach could be fundamentally wrong. Some experts even say that it could cost him the election next year. 

Who’s The Alternative?

Right now, the Republican in the 2024 Presidential election is Mr. Donald Trump. The former president is leading the polls by a wide margin, according to a survey conducted by CNN.

Trump is also unpopular like Biden. According to the latest poll by the CNN survey, Trump enjoys a mere 35% favorability among registered voters. It is very close to Biden’s favorability, which is 36% of the registered voters.

Voters that are in favor of Trump favor him over a whopping 90 points over Biden. It is the same for Biden. Citizens voting in his favor prefer him by more than 90 points over Trump.

Double Haters

For the upcoming election of 2024, a significant portion of around 29% holds a favorable view of neither Joe Biden nor Donald Trump. There is a whole other subset of “double haters” within this percentage that makes up 20%. They have an unfavorable view of both candidates.

Political experts are of the opinion that this scenario is quite similar to that of the 2016 election. Back then, roughly 20% of voters didn’t favor Hillary Clinton or Trump. However, much to the contempt of the Democrats, Trump ultimately won this demographic by 17 points and secured the presidency.

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