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Step-By-Step Form I-485 Instructions

Form I-485

The process of immigration has always been hectic for the people who desire a new life in a new State. There are various instances and steps to get a permanent breakthrough in a particular country. 

If you are from another country and want to permanently immigrate to the U.S, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will ensure that you are appropriate and clean to live in that place. 

Filing Form I-485 is the prominent way to ensure a green card in the United States. The form is related to other forms like I-130 (proof of relationship) and I-140 (employment-based petition). 

Form I-485 is basically the Adjustment Of Status or an Application to Register Permanent Residence. 

Many go and stay in the U.S temporarily for study, work, or tourism purposes. Shifting from temporary to permanent citizens of the U.S is made possible by the bridge of Form I-485. 

Step-By-Step Instructions To Fill And Apply Form I-485

Form I-485 Instructions

When you are about to fill out the form, you will need to have a clear idea of the instructions and procedures. If you are convicted of a criminal case or violated previous immigration purposes, you may need to consult with an immigration lawyer

You can learn more about immigration instances and their lawful purposes from a proper immigration lawyer. However, if you are clean from any difficult situation, you can do that on your own. 

1. Information About You

First thing first, and here you will need to follow and input some personal information about yourself. 

  • Your birth date, sex, age, city of birth, and actual nationality.
  • USCIS online account number.
  • Alien Registration Number.
  • U.S. mailing address
  • social security card with immigration history.
  • Last travel document and passport. 

2. Filing Category 

There should always be a purpose in immigration cases, whether it is permanent or temporary. You need to select a particular category and then fill in the needs. 

  • Family-Based category. 
  • Special Immigrant.
  • Employment-Based.
  • Crime Victim.
  • Special Programs Based.
  • Asylee or Refugee.

3. Additional Information 

This section will include questions to understand additional information about you. It will ask if you have ever applied for permanent immigration previously. 

  • Your physical address.
  • Dates of residence.
  • The employment history of the last five years. 
  • Recent address outside the U.S. 

4. Parent Information 

After you have filled in your personal information, you will need to make sure that you are inputting your parent’s information properly. Those includes:

  • The legal name of your parents.
  • Personal and biographic information about your parents. 

5. Marital History Information 

Filling up the material status is a priority in Form I-485. 

  • Your current marital status.
  • Spouse’s legal name and biographic information (if you are married currently).

The same criteria go for prior marriages. 

6 & 7. Biographic Information About Children

Here is the information about the next generation. You will need to fill up the following: 

  • A total number of children.
  • Legal adoption information if taken out of marriage.
  • Names of those children. 
  • Biographic information of those children.

8. General Eligibility And Inadmissibility Grounds

The 8th section is very important as this section involves information about your engagement in any criminal activity or other illegal activities like human trafficking. It will also ask for your association with proper organization, foundation, party, fund, society, or military. 

9. Accommodations For Individuals With Disabilities And/Or Impairments

The form is prominent enough to even give you the accommodations related to Disabilities. If you are deaf or blind or have other disabilities, you will need to fill up these sections and meet the criteria.

10. Applicant’s Statement, Declaration, Contact Information, Signature, And Certification

Form I-485 next delivers the declaration step, where you will be asked if you know and understand English. Make sure that you have read and underwood all the previous criteria and fulfilled the requirements. 

Be Confident And Fill In The Requirements.

Steps 11 and 12 are related to the details of the preparer, including contact information and name. Apart from there, there is also another section where you will get additional space to answer the previously asked questions properly. 

Form I-485 has too many criteria, so make sure that you have taken your time and fill it properly with concentration. Generally, it takes 8-14 months to approve your permanent immigration.

You will also get a 10-digital receipt number. You can simply use the number to navigate your current form status after your application.

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