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When Does The Clock Start For The Statute Of Limitations In Georgia?

statute of limitations Georgia

If you are in the state of Georgia then chances are you know about the statute of limitations Georgia. However, if you have never heard about these statutes then you might actually find yourself wondering exactly what they are. You might even want to know how these statutes apply and in which manner.  

Information about these statutes has not been that much out there. As such, many people have to keep moving around soliciting for whatever little information is available in this regard. If you are one of these people, worry no more, this is exactly what this text is all about.  

This text offers you information about the statute of limitations Georgia just in case you need to know what this is. Other than just this description, you will also find other relevant and essential details in this text as well. In the end, you will find this text so useful to you in the long run especially if you have interests in the statute of limitations Georgia.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations Georgia? 

Before looking deeply into the statute of limitations Georgia it is first of all important to start by defining exactly what this is. Once you have this information you will then be able to follow it up with other details which might help you understand the limitations even better.  

That said, the statute of limitations Georgia can be described as that time limit within which one is allowed to file a petition regarding a personal injury claim. This time is normally limited to just two years after the commencement of the right to the action. The right to action in this case simply means the time during which your injury occurred.  

For purposes of understanding, take this case for an example. Suppose there was an accident that occurred in the month of February in the year of 2017. The applicable statute of limitations, in this case, will expire in the year of February 2019.  

This time will be exactly two years after the accident occurred. This means, if you try filing a petition beyond this time then it will not merit. This at least is according to the statute of limitations Georgia as they are or stipulate. 

About The Accident 

Supposing you got involved in a car accident which resulted in the injury of your loved one as a result of negligence. If not that, say you got involved in an accident which came about as a result of another person’s negligence resulting in the damage of your goods.

In all these cases, you are only allowed up to two years to file your product liability claim. However, even as you do this you need to be reminded that product liability claims involve some multi parties. Therefore, it is very important for you to speak to a personal injury lawyer to guide you through this process.  

The lawyer will offer you great assistance in this case like informing you when best to begin filing your petition. Other than that, they will even advise you on how best to go about this whole process and achieve great success with your case in the end. All these things can be done by individuals themselves but with the help of a personal injury lawyer, it might be easy for you to move.  

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The Rule Discovery And The Trolling Of The Statute Of Limitations 

As has been said in the text above already, the statute of limitations commences when an accident occurs. However, discovering an injury is not always that easy as many people think. This is a process that can go on for a long period of time. 

Sometimes even medical malpractices can make it a bit harder to make this establishment. Take this case for instance, a medical doctor while conducting an operation on you left a surgical device in you. However, the surgical device did not just affect you right away but only did so after about four years.  

In such a case, the statute of limitations Georgia would stop until that day when you discovered the harm in you. In such a case and in the state of Georgia the discovery rule would be affected. Under the provisions of this rule, you will be allowed up to one year from the discovery date to file your malpractice claim.  

You Might Need A Personal Injury Lawyer 

You see a good number of people make the assumption of thinking a statute of limitations Georgia is a straightforward issue. However, that is not always the case as many people think of it and there are many reasons as to why this is the case.  

For instance, you might think you just have up to two years to file your petition which seems easy as per the statute of limitations Georgia. However, there are so many loopholes in between them that might actually complicate things for you. For instance, these loopholes might extend or shorten or even in some cases extend this period.  

As such, it is very important for you to be extremely careful with how this process works out. If possible, you need to bring on board a lawyer who might help you in this regard. The good thing though is that there are many lawyers who can help you in this regard.  

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Look For An Experienced Lawyer 

If you need a lawyer for a statute of limitations Georgia then better look for the best from those which are available. If possible, look at the reputation of the lawyer you wish to work with and see how he or she has handled such cases in the past.  


The text above discusses the statute of limitations Georgia and other core details to it. If you have things you would like to know about it then this text is going to offer you assistance in this regard. It is meant to be a perfect guide to you in this regard. 

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