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What Questions To Ask the Lawyer during Review of the Properties Separation Agreement

Separation agreement

Separation is never an easy process to go about.  There is always more to this process than what many people even think of it.  Before you even get a separation agreement there is always so much that one has to go through before they can eventually make it to this level. In many cases, people undertaking a separation process prefer to use a lawyer.  

It is believed that with the use of a Lawyer it might be much easier to go about this case.  However, much as this is a general presumption, there are still some exceptions to it.  For instance, the kind of lawyer you choose and how you engage them can make a very big difference in all this.  

As such, it is essential for you to, first of all, make sure that you are choosing the right lawyer for this process.  Once you have this lawyer, you also need to make sure that the manner in which you engage this lawyer is also the best.  This way, you will put yourself in a proper position of succeeding with whatever case you are handling.  

Separation agreement questions 

Separation agreement questionsNormally, when working out a separation agreement with your lawyer there are some questions you need to be asking.  Asking these questions and in which manner can help you get the best experience out of this entire process in the end.  However, there is one challenge to this, knowing the right questions to ask is what is challenging to some people.

Some people ask wrong questions which then deliver them to the wrong positions in the end.  Knowing the right questions to ask a lawyer when signing a separation agreement is therefore so essential.  Once you know the kind of question you need to ask you will boost your chances of making this entire process as seamless as possible.

There are quite a number of questions that you need to ask a lawyer before you sign any separation agreement.  By doing so, you will get the clarification you need regarding essential issues of interest to you in this entire process.

That said, this text looks into the kind of questions you need to ask your separation lawyer while handling a separation agreement. These questions will guide you to the right conclusion and also give you much better and realistic expectations.

How often are we likely to communicate? 

How often are we likely to communicate

 When dealing with any lawyer the issue of communication is very key.  You need to know how likely you are to communicate about this issue. You might not know it but the issue of communication is very key when it comes to dealing with a separation lawyer.  

You need to understand that some of these lawyers are so busy. Some of them have so many clients to handle within a short span of time.  As such, before you even start talking about matters of separation agreement you need to make sure that you have an idea of the lawyer’s schedule.  

Other than that, you also need to make sure that you have a clear idea of how your communication is going to be like.  These factors are very essential and should not be ignored in any case by anyone, very important.  In whatever you do, try and agree with your lawyer on how frequently you two are likely to communicate on the essential issues of the separation agreement.  

How I’m going to receive copies which are related to my case? 

receive copies which are related to my case

Copies related to your case are so essential and you need to know how to get them.  They are very necessary when it comes to giving you a breakdown regarding your case and you need to have them at all times. Before you even sign a blank separation agreement you need to, first of all, find out how you are likely to get these copies.  

If you are using a lawyer to handle this case then he or she should be the one offering you these copies. If possible, you need to be getting them more frequently as the case progresses.  This is the only and surest way that you can use to keep track of your case.  

What needs to happen in case the presiding judge declines a proposed property sharing formula 

property sharing

You also need to know what should happen in the event that the presiding judge declines the proposed property sharing method.  The Lawyer you choose should always try his or her level best to represent your interests in the best manner possible.  As such, he or she needs to give you all the information you need in case things go right or wrong.  

Even in the event of a decline in your proposals, you need to know what is likely to happen next.  This way, you will be well-armed with all the information you need and in which manner.  That way you will even plan on what to do next in case things do not turn outright.  

How long is the case going to drag?

Some separation cases never seem to end which can be so inconvenient to some people.  Even if you are working on an employment separation agreement, you need to know how long your case is going to last. Such information will help you to plan your life with regards to other things in your life as well.

If possible, try and ask your lawyer to try and expedite the whole process to save on time.  If not so, then try and ask them to give you a much clearer idea of how long exactly your case is likely to last for proper planning.  


There are so many questions you need to ask your lawyer while handling your marriage separation agreement. Asking these questions can help you go about this entire process with much ease and get a clear idea of what is going on.  Read the text above carefully to get an even much better idea on the same issue as well.  

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