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What Is Second Degree Murders? The Differences Between 1st, 3rd

The issue of murder in a court of law is very detailed as it covers a wide range of areas. However, many people have no idea of the diversity which lies in this area. As such, they tend to look at murder as the same thing ignoring the issue of even second degree murders.

In fact, some of them only get to know about this in a court of law and nowhere else. So what exactly is second degree murders and how does it work. This is what this text attempts to help you find out through the information brought out in it.  

The text looks at the different types of murder there is with the sole view of educating you. Through the information contained in this text, you will be able to know what a second degree murders are and other things as well. As you read, through this text, you will also be able to pick up other vital details about this matter.  

About The Levels And Types Of Murders

About The Levels And Types Of Murders

For you to differentiate between these types of murders you need to first of all start by looking at each one of them to see what exactly they are. This is exactly what this text is all about. It begins by first of all looking at the three types of murders and what they or mean, take a look.  

First Degree Murder:

The first type of murder, in this case, is the first-degree murder which is a bit different from the second degree murders. This kind of murder is defined differently in many states in the United States of America. However, the most credible definition of them all is that it is a deliberate and unlawful act of any human being or even a fetus.

This type of murder is the most serious type and form of murder compared to others among them second degree murders. In the state of California for instance, this kind of murder is regarded as that murder is committed with intent. Thus, because of the degree of this kind of murder, various states in the United States Recommend very strict penalties for it.  

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Second Degree Murders:

The second degree murder is still a serious offense under the federal laws of the land. However, it is not as severe in terms of penalties and everything compared to first-degree murder. For general understanding, the second degree murders do not come with any form of premeditation. 

In this case, the offender is always deemed as someone who did not intend to cause any harm or even kill. In such cases, it could be that someone provoked another one, compelling them to commit the crime. When it comes to sentencing, the second degree murders suspects are normally handed less severe sentences.  

If you are in the state of California then you might have heard the term second degree murders being used many times. In this state, this phrase is used to mean all types of murders which do not qualify to be called first-degree murders. The greatest attribute of this murder is that there is normally no intention to commit the murder.  

The Third Degree Murder:

Third-degree murder? There is no such thing as third-degree murder in some states. For instance, the state of California only recognizes first-degree murder and the second degree murders. Beyond that, there is nothing else. However, there are still some states which recognize third-degree murder anyway.  

Third-degree murder is in some cases referred to as manslaughter which is what is recognized in many states. However, even the application of third-degree murder varies from one state to the other. For instance, for one to be charged with third-degree murder then they must have acted in complete disregard to human life.  

However, one can only be charged with a third-degree murder if they were aware of the risks of their actions. For instance, shooting at a person can bring devastating effects or even a loss of the life you never know. So someone aware of these risks still chooses to go ahead and shoot another one killing him on the spot.

In this case, the person suspected of committing the crime will be arrested and charged with third-degree murder. From the outside, it might look or seem like a second degree murders but in reality, it is not. Here, a person acting out of reasons well known to him chose to commit a crime that endangered the life of another one.

What Is The Difference Between Second And First Degree Murders? 

What Is The Difference Between Second And First Degree Murders?

With that information provided above, it is now time to look at what differences exist between first and second degree murders. Clearly,l from the text above, you can see that indeed there are some differences between these types of murders.  

First, in first-degree murder, you can clearly see that there is always an intention to kill someone. In fact, what goes on is always well scripted, planned, and then executed in the same way. For the case of second degree murders, the case is a bit different.  

In this case, a murder occurs yes but none of that is planned by anyone. The murder can happen out of provocation or even in some cases self-defense. Either way, it still qualifies to be called a murder but the manner in which is executed is what makes the greater difference in this case.  


If you are seeking knowledge about the differences between first-degree murder and second degree murders consider reading the text above. The text offers you all the information you need in this regard and most importantly, these differences.

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