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Save America Spends Over $40 Million In Support Of Trump

Save America Spends Over $40 Million In Support Of Trump

The amount they spent on legal costs this year is more than double what Save America spent in the past two years combined.

The group spending all this money on legal fees is called “Save America.” It’s a political action committee created by Trump himself. His campaign manager, Susie Wiles, decides who gets help with their legal bills.

As Trump’s legal battles get more intense, it all looks like they will have to spend even more money. He has upcoming trials for mishandling classified documents, a bribe money investigation in New York, and a defamation trial from a writer named E Jean Carroll.

The US Department of Justice and state prosecutors in Georgia might also charge him for trying to change the 2020 election results. They are paying for legal representation for Trump and his friends involved in the investigations against him and have asked for help.

Who Are The People Being Supported?

This group supports his close associate Walt Nauta and the property manager at his Mar-a-Lago resort, Carlos de Oliveira. 

Both have faced charges in the classified documents case. The campaign says they are doing this to protect these people from unfair treatment and harassment. 

They believe the Department of Justice is going after innocent people just because they worked for Trump, and they want to prevent their lives from being ruined by covering their legal expenses.

More On The 2024 Campaign

This $40 million is a lot more than any other money Save America has spent during the 2024 presidential campaign. Most of that money comes from regular people all over the country who support Trump. They give small amounts of money, and together, it adds up to a lot.

Last year, Save America collected over $100 million in donations. They used more than $16 million to pay for legal battles and about $10 million for Trump’s personal expenses. But they couldn’t prove that the election was stolen.

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