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What Are The Risks Of Hiring A Private Investigator?

risks of hiring a private investigator

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes is one of the earliest investigators we know of. Clients seemed to trust Sherlock and entrust all responsibilities to him. But that does mean that there aren’t any risks of hiring a private investigator. No, right? Private investigator scams are pretty common, especially because they get access to a lot of sensitive info.

In the world of law, there are judicial ethics that we all follow. However, hiring a PI is among the extra-judicial efforts we take to establish our case. 

There are multiple risks of hiring a private investigator that you should know of before you hire them.

You can hire a private investigator for multiple reasons. It may be to discover hidden assets. Someone may be struggling with cheating partners. Additionally, private investigators are very common in surveillance cases or missing persons.

Thus, when you are at that point in life, with unanswered questions and worries, you may want outside help. A private investigator will help you know the truth. But are they under the jurisdiction of US criminal law? How do you know that you can trust them? What can you do if a private investigator does not do their job? What are the risks of hiring a private investigator for child custody?

Well, this article will answer it all for you.

Who Is A Private Investigator? What Do They Do?

If we have watched enough movies, we have a rough idea of who a private investigator is.

Private Investigator Meaning

A private investigator is a professional who we hire when we need them to collect information, carry out surveillance, or investigate something or someone. They can work on behalf of various individuals, organizations, or legal persons.

A private investigator may work independently or in collaboration with other investigation agencies. They uncover facts, look for missing persons, gather evidence, and carry out research.

Police and other law enforcement authorities have made use of their services for a while now. The typical private investigator job description involves carrying out impeccable research for all purposes. Be it legal, personal, national, international, or corporate, they work tirelessly to bring you top info.

What Are The Risks Of Hiring A Private Investigator?

Private investigator responsibilities have an ethical side to them, too. In the United States, for example, the ethical standards for a PI should match up to various state laws, licensing boards, regulatory bodies, etc.

Additionally, there are professional associations that set strict rules for the conduct of the PIs. If they do not abide by these, their services will be blacklisted. This means upon going against these established standards, clients will no longer hire them.

Moreover, each state has its unique licensing requirements for all private investigators. The National Association of Professional Investigators (NAPI) has various ethical and legal guidelines for all PIs who are their members.

Now that we know about the laws that keep your PI in check let us find out the risks of hiring a private investigator.

The Most Common Risks Of Hiring A Private Investigator

To begin with, hiring a private investigator is never our first choice. They are sometimes quite an expensive option. Additionally, there is no guarantee about the results. So, here are the things that could go wrong.

First Risk: Remember, You Could Always Get Caught

Picture them investigating quietly, like spying or asking questions secretly. Now, there’s always a risk of getting caught. Even with careful planning, it can happen unexpectedly to any investigator.

Second Risk: Could Be A Complete Loss Of Money

You don’t hand $7 to a bartender and wait for a drink, do you? Well, then, similarly, paying $1,000 to an investigator might not get you anything useful.

Investigators aiming for profit can fabricate false evidence. It is difficult for the client to find out if all the info the PI is given is correct. However, the real problem happens when it leads to legal issues and case dismissals for unethical conduct.

Fourth Risk: Unreliable Info, Helpless Clients

One of the many risks of hiring a private investigator is that Investigators can be Unreliable. We have seen many who are not. Trusting their investigation methods is essential, as you cannot oversee everything they do. Additionally, their methods of relying on secret sources bring doubts. If you do not verify the info, there is no chance of finding out if it is unreliable or illegally obtained.

Fifth Risk: No Privacy

When someone hires a private investigator directly, without involving an attorney, info is out in the open. This means your emails, text messages, reports, surveillance tapes, and notes do not enjoy any protection.

Moreover, this is why if you do indeed end up hiring a PI, ask your attorney. Their services will fall under attorney–client privilege, and hence, you are protected.

What Are The Risks Of Hiring A Private Investigator For Child Custody?

Child custody investigation services are a common area of service in the PI industry.  Parents in custody disputes can hire the services of a PI. These investigations help to gather evidence about various matters. For example, to prove parental instability, poor living conditions, and potential risks that the child could be in.

Private investigators get evidence, talk to people, and conduct surveillance into parents’ behavior. This info is then presented before the judges.

Thus, they carefully go through all evidence and grant the parents custody.

Final Word

When Hiring a Private Investigator, remember to choose wisely. The right private investigator is crucial to an important case.

After all, the success of the job depends on whether you are using the right tool for a job.

Choosing wrongly is the greatest risk of hiring a private investigator. Let’s say that they go against guidelines and start working for the opposite party. Yes, you do have the option of going to court. But the damage will already be done by that time.

Moreover, you often get what you pay for with these services. Opting for the cheapest option may get you lower-quality results. Check if the investigator has a license in your state. Before hiring them, check their knowledge of local state regulations.

Remember, if you get a hunch of fishy business, it matters! Go with your gut!

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