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RFK Jr. Leaves Democrats To Run Independently In 2024

RFK Jr. Leaves Democrats To Run Independently In 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, JFK’s grandson, practices environmental law. He is also an anti-vaccine activist. He is the son of Robert Kennedy, the former senator. On Monday, RFK Jr made an announcement in Philadelphia regarding the 2024 Presidential elections. 

He is apparently dropping out of his representation of the Democratic Party for the 2024 presidential elections. Instead, he will be running independently.  

RK Kennedy Jr vows to be the unifier. He will apparently represent the voice of the voters who are unhappy with the political divisions in the United States government. RFK Jr has called these a hurdle that stands in the way of improvement of the country.

“People stop me everywhere, in airports and hotels and on the street. And they remind me that this country is ready for a history making change … I’m here today I’m here to declare myself an independent candidate,” RF Kennedy Jr delivered his speech. The crowd consisted of several hundred citizens who had gathered next to the National Constitution Center.

American Values 2024 is an organization that stands in support of the candidate. The body has apparently raised $17 million for the campaign. The co-founder, Tony Lyons, has delivered an official statement to Reuters. 

He said that there was an increase in funds from $10 million (the amount that was reported in July this year). Tony says that there could be an additional $10 million after the announcement. 

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