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President Joe Biden To Sign Another Executive Order Furthering Abortion Rights

abortion rights

Washington: President Joe Biden is about to sign another executive order in support of abortion rights as a result of pressure from other democrats.

Fellow democrats have been urging the POTUS to take greater steps to protect the civil rights of women now as the nation seems to be struggling with the newly overturned Roe v. Wade decision. The ruling has made abortion completely banned in 10 US states, with a partial ban in 4 of the others. 

Earlier the President signed another order safeguarding reproductive rights including abortion rights of women in the states that have completely banned abortion or have taken too strict measures. 

completely banned abortion

The order will most likely have a minimum impact considering the magnitude of anti-abortion laws that have already been passed in the US. The first order ensured the safety of women who were traveling across states to have access to safe abortion services. 

The order is to consist of non-discrimination laws that medical facilities are to abide by while providing these services to young women who are in need. The President has taken up this cause to urge more voters to vote for more Democrats in the upcoming elections in November. 

The issue of reproductive rights has caused an outrage in the American population with most women holding the opinion that abortion and other reproductive rights should be left with the respective individual and their medical professionals.

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