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Paramedics From Colorado Face Trial For Death Of Elijah Mcclain

Paramedics From Colorado Face Trial For Death Of Elijah Mcclain

Two paramedics from Colorado faced trial on Wednesday for their involvement in the death of Elijah McClain. McClain died in 2019. He was a young Black man who passed away after an encounter with the police.

Reports say that there was rough handling and even the use of a powerful sedative through medical personnel.

The ongoing trial brings about the end of a series of three trials about the passing of 23-year-old McClain.

Initially reported as appearing suspicious by a bystander, McClain wasn’t accused of any crime.

The first trial led to one officer being convicted of criminally negligent homicide. On the other hand, another was acquitted. In the subsequent trial, a third officer was also acquitted.

In previous trials, legal representatives for the officers said that the responsibility for McClain’s death was on the paramedics. The death took place in Aurora, a suburb in Denver. These paramedics are named Jeremy Cooper (aged 49), and Peter Cichuniec (aged 51). Both individuals plead not guilty to their charges.

However, they face charges of manslaughter, assault, and additional offenses. State Solicitor General Shannon Stevenson gave her opening statement to the jury. Here she claimed that she found the paramedics guilty. The statement highlighted that Cooper and Cichuniec allegedly breached their training guidelines.

Therefore, when they administered the highest permissible dose of ketamine to McClain it was illegal. What added to the claims was that they did it without conducting a thorough examination.

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