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How Did Nesara Law Come About

Nesara Law

The use of Nesara law has been around for quite some time now. People know this law while some of them do not but that is okay. Due to the need for information in this regard, it is essential to take time and look further into this issue.  

First, it is essential to look at how this law came into then also looking at what it is all about. If you have issues understanding exactly what this law is then this text will be so beneficial to you in the end.  From the text, you will find some finer details which will offer you some credible information.  

At the end of the text, you will have some useful information in this regard. The most important thing is to look at the period during which this law was enacted.  That covered, it also will be necessary to also look at how and when the law was enacted.  Before looking into any details regarding this law, it is essential to note what happened before the enactment of this law

The signing into law of the Nesara law 

The Nesara law was signed into law in the year 2000 in the month of October. It was passed by the United States Congress in the month of March in the year 2000.  After that, the act was sent to the president for the presidential assertion in the same year in the month of October. 

The enacting of this law was not an easy thing, it took a lot of time and legislation to get to this point. In fact, no one wanted to have this law affected and there were so many reasons as to why this was the case. One of the reasons why no one wanted to enforce the law was because of some of the conditions that the Nesara law was setting. 

One of the conditions that were set by this law was the permanent removal of all government officials accused of treason.  This meant that anyone facing treasonous offense would be removed from their positions permanently.  That is not all, the nesara law also deemed anyone who acted out of the constitution to be treasonous.  

Consequently, this meant that people holding these positions would be permanently kicked out of these positions.  The rules did not have any exceptions in them in any way, the application of this law included the president and the vice president.  Other than that, there were also all the members of the cabinet of the federal government.  

The Nesara law came with some strict recommendations

The law stated that anyone involved in any acts of treason from these areas would be required to vacate the government permanently.  Due to these conditions, many people from within the government and out of it stood charged with treason.  This meant such people would never again find their place in the government, never.  

It is because of this reason that the law never had an easy time being implemented.  Many people who thought they would be affected by this law tried to make it very hard for it to be implemented.  This is why its implementation was never as easy as at that time.  All sorts of people from the head of state to all others that thought would be affected fought the implementation of the nesara law.  

This is exactly why the implementation of Nesara law faced some challenges.  Nonetheless, this law was later implemented despite this deep opposition from some people.  There were some attempts to hide the Nesara law from the public limelight.  To make this even more possible, the people in charge tried to prevent the implementation of this law by a popular initiative.  

As if that was not enough, the supreme court went ahead to put a gag on the officials working for the government.  These officials were forbidden from leaking this information to anyone out to the public considering that it was so sensitive.  Many people feared that if this information leaked to the public, then it was going to cause chaos.  

Any information on this kind of law was likely to draw public interest

For instance, if this information leaked as it was then chances were, people were going to call for its implementation from all over.  As it was, the government and other people who were interested would not allow the Nesara law to pass in that manner. 

 Even though the plan to hide the Nesara law was hidden, it never stood the test of time.  As time went by the news of this law leaked to the public. This was so bad and against the initial plan which was to hide the law from the public limelight.  To make up for this mistake, plan B was hatched to continue keeping this law from the public and other interested people.  

The plan that appeared to work well, in this case, was to completely delay the implementation process of the Nesara law.  To make this possible, a lot of trickery had to come up to confuse the interested people while the law stood unimplemented.  

There was a need to delay the Nesara law

Due to some of these delays and trickery, the Nesara law was embroiled in fictitious legal procedures as well as endless court orders.  The international criminal court of justice also came in which brought in even more confusion in the end.  What followed from there was some kind of deceit as well as some games and could play out forever.  

The end result of all this is that the Nesara law could be delayed forever and finer details of it never got to the public. It should be noted that the harsh conditions set in the Nesara law sent some fear in the top leadership of the country.  This is exactly why and how many people disregarded this law so much and never wanted it to leak to the citizens of the country.  


There has been so much search for information about the Nesara law from people from all walks of life.  The text above talks of some of the things that are known about this kind of law.  As you read above, you will get to understand what this law is and what it was about.  

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