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Living With Pots: Navigating Daily Life With A Chronic Condition

Living With Pots

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS) is a lasting and frequently misinterpreted disorder that impacts the autonomic nervous system. This condition triggers a myriad of symptoms like dizziness, rapid heartbeat, and exhaustion, complicating daily life. For many POTS patients, long-term disability is an unfortunate reality. However, with proper tools and strategies, it’s possible to steer through daily life and enjoy a meaningful existence.

In this post, we present valuable tips for living well with POTS, touching upon self-advocacy and the importance of a support network.

Learn As Much As You Can

Grasping your condition’s intricacies is the initial step towards regaining control over your life. Delve into POTS, its symptoms, and possible treatments to make well-informed healthcare choices. After all, POTS can cause long term disability and other complications.

Moreover, inform your loved ones and colleagues about POTS to help them comprehend your situation. This will empower them to provide support and make necessary adjustments when required.

Reach Out To Professionals

If your symptoms significantly impact your capacity to work, consider reaching out to professionals for long-term disability benefits. Social workers or disability advocates can guide you through the application process and ensure you receive the necessary support. Long-term disability benefits can offer financial security, enabling you to concentrate on your health and welfare.

Put Yourself First

Navigating healthcare systems with a chronic disorder can be both exasperating and time-consuming. It’s vital to stand up for yourself since not all medical professionals may be well-versed in POTS.

Monitor your symptoms and don’t hesitate to explore other opinions or ask for specialist referrals. Transparent and assertive communication with your healthcare providers ensures that you receive the most appropriate care.

Create A Support Network

Establishing connections with individuals who empathize with your situation can be priceless when living with a chronic condition like POTS. Search for local support groups, online forums, or social media communities where you can exchange experiences and learn from others. Your support network can offer emotional reinforcement, practical guidance, and a sense of togetherness.

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Keep Track Of Your Symptoms

Coping with POTS often necessitates managing various symptoms. Create a tailored plan catering to your specific requirements. This may encompass medications, lifestyle modifications, or both.

Some useful strategies for symptom management include:

  • Maintaining proper hydration and boosting salt intake as suggested by your physician to regulate blood pressure.
  • Donning compression garments enhances blood circulation and minimizes dizziness.
  • Establishing a consistent exercise regimen focused on low-impact activities like swimming, yoga, or Pilates to fortify cardiovascular health and endurance.
  • Prioritizing sufficient sleep and adhering to a regular sleep pattern.

Invest In Self-Care

Managing a chronic condition can be physically and emotionally draining. Placing self-care at the forefront is crucial for sustaining your overall well-being. Allocate regular periods for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Engage in activities that provide joy and tranquility, such as reading, painting, or immersing yourself in nature. Practice patience with yourself and remember that seeking help when needed is completely acceptable.


While thriving with POTS and navigating daily life with a persistent health condition can be demanding, the right strategies and support make it possible to live a fulfilling life. By gaining knowledge and sharing it with others, standing up for your needs, tackling your symptoms, reaching out to professionals for long-term disability, putting self-care first, and cultivating a robust support network, you can equip yourself to confront each day with resilience and tenacity.

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