Mistakes You Are Making After A DUI


Avoid These Mistakes!

So, you are caught under a DUI. There are a few things you are feeling right now-

  • Scared or intimidated?
  • Thinking about a good lie.
  • Thinking about jail time.
  • Thinking about what will happen to your car.

Yes, it is difficult to think straight in that situation. However, you have to. This is why, rather than thinking about what you should do.

Here is what you shouldn’t do.

1. Start Arguing Immediately

 DUI arrest

You have pulled aside and asked to get out of the car and show your papers or your license, which is like a normal drill. Yes, when you are nervous and anxious, flipping out is a natural ration. But, do not think that you can argue your way out of this. It is pretty foolish to think so.

Rather it is more advisable to take a step back and clear the air. Answer all the necessary questions, and remain silent in the ones you do not wish to answer. Police officers often use their intimidation to get someone to open up and confess unnecessary things just to gather evidence against them. 

2. Not Call For Help

You cannot get out of this alone. Yes, you might think calling for extra help will just complicate the entire situation, but this is far from true. Calling for help will only ease your situation.

We are talking about legal help, where you call a DUI lawyer if you are arrested for one. They will protect your rights, help you ease that intimidation around officers of the law, and prevent you from doing anything foolish which might worsen the case.

All the time, during a DUI arrest, individuals wonder what they should do. Ask an expert like a DUI attorney, and they will give you the best advice. That is why you should think about hiring Phoenix Dui Lawyer.

3. Take Sobriety Tests

There are some field sobriety tests that are different from taking a breathalyzer or a blood test at the station. These are quite nonsensical, where the police inspector will ask you to walk in a straight line or stand on one foot.

The reason we ask you not to take these tests is that these are a form of manipulation. However, it is almost impossible to get your freedom by passing these sobriety tests, even though they will promise you so.

4. Plead Guilty

Plead Guilty

When you are drilled by the police with question after question, and you are panicking that something bad is going to happen, pleading guilty will seem like the best choice. You would want to confess while giving them your sob story. 

Yes, it is copying to think that they would care or even understand, but in reality, this plea for guilt and all the information will just give them more evidence against you. Just because you are arrested does not automatically mean that you are the guilty party.

You can have your lawyer investigate the case and find evidence against you. 

5. Not Getting A Dui Expungenent

If you are someone who has gotten arrested, pleaded guilty, or been proven guilty and got your fair share of punishment. Or, if you are someone who was proven innocent in the DUI case, the DUI will be on your record.

This is why having your lawyer request a DUI expungement is very important. Did you know how many colleges, jobs, and renters are looking through your previous records, and it gives a very bad impression to them when there is a DUI case flashing?

So, why should you be punished for the rest of your life? It is better to get a DUI Expungement.  

Stop Talking Unless Absolutely Necessary!

There is one more piece of advice that you should take with you for a lifetime, even if you are never caught in a DUI but are interrogated by police for any other misdemeanor. According to The Fifth Amendment, you cannot be forced to make any statement against yourself.

So, in any situation, if you do not wish to answer a question without the presence of a lawyer, you have every right to do so. Understand your rights, and you wouldn’t be nervous.

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