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What Happens If Martial Law Is Declared

martial law

Not so many people know much about martial law. As such, many of them are less prepared in the event that this law is declared.  This is a big problem especially for the people living in the United States of America.  This bit of this law has necessitated the need to dig deeper into this law and bring out some things about it.  

For instance, it is essential to look at how this situation can arise and then look at what happens in such a case.  This information is so essential in the preparation should this law be declared and you need to know what to do.  That said, this text looks into the whole issue of what happens if martial law is declared to offer you more information on this issue, very important.  

Martial law has been declared many times in the United States already 

There has been a general notion and thinking around the US regarding the declaration of martial law.  Some people think and even believe that this law has never been declared and stands a very low chance of being declared.  This is not so true, to tell the truth, these are just misconceptions about this law and how it is implemented.  

There have been so many cases in the past where martial law was declared.  The only difference perhaps is that this law was not declared by the federal state of the USA.  Instead, the law was declared by individual states in some cases.  For instance, martial law was declared in the state of Louisiana during the period of Hurricane Katrina back in the year 2005.  

 However, this law was not known as martial law since it does not exist in Louisiana law.  Instead, the law back then was known as virtual martial law.  Nonetheless, this law came into being and was highly utilized during this time and circumstances.  

  • The suspension of rights 

There have been some questions regarding what happens in terms of martial law.  Having talked about the other factors about this law it is now time to look at what happens during the same time.  This will help you to know and understand exactly what happens during this time.  

There are many things that happen any time there is the declaration of martial law.  One of these things is the suspension of human rights.  By this provision, it means that all the rights will be suspended.  For instance, the right to free speech, press, and even assembly will be suspended.  

Other than that, it also means that the right to own and bear will also be suspended.  This time is always one of the worst there is.  During this time, everything is normally taken over by the military which is such a terrible time.  For instance, you can expect during this time to see the military making arrests left-right, and center.  

The worst thing is that any other person is going to be treated like a suspect, which is such a terrible thing.  This means that many people are going to be arrested anyway without any order. That is not all, the worst thing is that you will not even have any rights during this period.  

  • The military enforced curfews 

There are many things that happen during martial law.  As a person who might want to know what to do if martial law is declared you need to know all these things.  That said, the next thing that happens after the suspension of rights is the enforcement of military curfews.  

This is something that happens any time there is a declaration of martial law. When there is a declaration then you need to expect nothing short of endless curfews.  For instance, you can expect to see endless checkpoints set up in different places within the city or out of it.  All roads leading to and out of the city will have roadblocks.  

Other than this, there also will be some tight curfews affected by the military. Some of these curfews are so strict to an extent that if you are caught then you might be in for some serious problems.  To stay on the safe side of things, it will be better for you to operate with the set rules and regulations.  

  • The confiscation of firearms 

If you thought the suspension of rights and the enforcement of curfews are the only things that occur during martial law declaration then you are wrong.  There is still more to this than just those two which you also need to know.  For instance, the other thing that happens during this time is the confiscation of firearms.  

Why you might want to know.  Well, you need to know that a martial law declaration means that the state is trying to take full control over you.  Therefore, for this to happen the state has to make sure that there are no civilians that are not heavily armed.  This is why they always move ahead to confiscate any arms held by civilians.  

  • Confiscation of food and supplies 

You might think that guns are the only thing that the state is interested in during this time but that is not all.  The state might begin by confiscating guns but might move on to other things like food and water which are very essential for survival.  The government does this with only one goal in mind: to control people and make them follow their directives, nothing more to it.  


A good number of people ask what is martial law but never bother to know what happens when this declaration is made.  As such, some of them are caught unawares in the event of this declaration.  The text above tries to look into the issue of martial law and what happens any time this declaration is made, very important. 

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