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All About Spies, Mar-a-Lago, And The US Intelligence

Mar-a-Lago And The US Intelligence

US intelligence head speaks out on the risks to national security in connection to the White House Records held at Donald Trump’s 126-roomed Mar-a-Lago mansion. A review of the documents that have been gathered from the billion-dollar mansion is to be launched soon.

This latest addition to the Mar-a-Lago scandal was recorded by the press when a letter stating the review was sent to legislators of the US. The whole incident started when Trump was replaced with Mr. Joe Biden, the current president of the US. 

Mr. Trump was allegedly responsible for the misplacement of significant records pertaining to the White House when he left his presidency. 

The missing documents, some of which have been recovered from the Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, owned by Trump, were considered to be top secret. 

Mr, Adam Schiff who serves as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and Mrs. Carolyn B. Maloney of the Oversight Committee Chair were notified by means of a letter by Avril Haines, the National Intelligence Director. The letter stated that a classification review was going to be conducted. The review is to be of the documents seized in the FBI raid conducted at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago on the 8th of August.

The review will also decide if there is a threat to national security if documents retrieved at Trump’s Florida mansion are released.

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