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What Was So Important About The Lecompton Constitution?

Lecompton constitution

The Lecompton constitution is known all over the United States of America for so many things.  For instance, it is this constitution that is responsible for the civil war in the US.  This document or if you like the Lecompton was framed in the region of Lecompton.  Lecompton was by then the capital of Kansas.  

The constitution was created by pro-slavery advocates of Kansas back in the year 1857.  The constitution in itself was so controversial as of that time. There were many reasons that made this the case from back then which perhaps led to the American civil war.  In this constitution, it was argued that people were allowed the leeway to vote for the constitution whether they were slaves or not.  

The constitution contained some clauses which protected slaveholding as well as a bill of rights for the freed black people.  It was this among the other things about the constitution which added so much to the friction leading to the civil war in the US.  

What was so important about the Lecompton constitution 

There were many things about the Lecompton constitution that made it so memorable in US history.  However, given that not so many people know about this constitution means that they do not know about its significance.  Nonetheless, there were so many things that were very important about this constitution.  

For the purposes of learning, this discussion looks at some of the most important things about the Lecompton constitution.  There were some things that were so significant about this constitution that you need to know.  The article below tries to look at some of these essential things about this constitution to offer you much credible information on the same subject. 

The important thing in the Lecompton constitution 

This was perhaps the most important thing in the Lecompton constitution.  This constitution enshrined slavery right in its proposed state.  What the constitution did is that it protected the rights of all the slaveholders.  Other than that, the constitution also provided for a referendum which gave room for voters to allow for even more slaves to get into the territory.  

The Lecompton constitution was very controversial 

One thing that is known about the Lecompton constitution for many years is that it was so controversial.  In fact, there was so much controversy to this constitution than what was even anticipated. In fact, it is alleged that it is the friction that arose from this constitution that led to the civil war in the US.  

As such, the controversy of this constitution could not be emphasized even more, very important.  As such, any discussion that looks into this issue should at all times give a mention to this issue.  Also, it is important to point out exactly what or which areas of this constitution were controversial and in which manner.  

The controversy of the Lecompton constitution 

There are quite a number of things about the Lecompton constitution that made it controversial. For instance, this constitution allowed slavery much as it was so much opposed as of that time.  By coming into being, this constitution strengthened significantly the chance and possibility of compromising slavery back in the year 1850.  

It is exactly this clause of the constitution that made it so controversial. Many people who were opposed to it as of that time stood up in arms about it back then.  It is this escalated opposition and proposition that is believed to have led to the civil war in the United States of America.  

In fact, there are quite a number of people who believe that it is this constitution that led to the civil war in America.  Even though there were some other factors that led to this war, this provision of the constitution played a part in this as well.  This is so essential to note especially on the bit of the constitution being controversial.  

The Lecompton Constitution was rejected in an election 

There was one thing about the Lecompton constitution that cannot be argued.  This constitution was never that popular in the US and that has been said so many times now.  When subjected to an election, this constitution was never voted in.  In fact, it was voted down so fast and overwhelmingly something that spoke to the rage about it from a good number of people across the globe.  

That was not the only time the constitution was shot down in an election.  After this incident, it was introduced again but then again, this time it was shot down again in an election, something that was so surprising.  There was so much to the Lecompton constitution as of that time something that led to its utter rejection as of that time.  

What exactly did the writers of the Lecompton constitution seek to achieve 

With so much controversy about and around the Lecompton constitution, you might want to know exactly what this document sought to achieve. Obviously, there was something these writers wanted to achieve by writing this document whether it was controversial or not.  

The goal of these writers was squarely on humanitarian grounds.  Actually, the Lecompton constitution sought to offer much-needed humanitarian aid to slaves as of that time.  This state was proposed squarely as a way of responding right to the anti-slavery position of the year 1855.  

There were some other reasons behind the formation of this constitution but this one was the best of them all.  The drafting of this constitution right in the state of Kansas had the interests of slaves who were there in mind as of that time.  


The Lecompton constitution is so significant in the history of the United States of America.  The text above offers some credible information about this constitution from back in time.  From the text, you will know why the constitution was formed and under what circumstances.  

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