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Is The Lawful Age For Marriage In Scotland Evolving?

Lawful Age For Marriage

The spotlight currently shines on the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Act 2022. This Act raised the minimum marriage age in England and Wales to 18 without exceptions. Thus, this lead to the abolishing of prior provision permitting marriage at 16 or 17 with parental consent.

This change was driven by a private member’s bill introduced by Pauline Latham OBE MP. Additionally, it was also supported by advocacy groups like Young Women Not Brides Alliance. It, therefore, marks a significant step in protecting vulnerable young individuals from forced marriages.

Late regulative changes in Britain and Ribs have ignited conversations about the lawful age for marriage, provoking thought of expected changes in Scotland too.

Current Scene in Scotland

Scotland legally permits people aged 16 or older to get married, thanks to the Relationships (Scotland) Act 1977. But now, more and more people are speaking up, asking the Scottish government to change this law. They want the legal age for marriage to be 18, aligning it with the global standard for defining a child according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Lawful Age For Marriage: The Requirement for Change

Advocates of progress pressure that raising the lawful marriage age can alleviate antagonistic outcomes related to kid relationships. Research features potential dangers such as expanded weakness to homegrown maltreatment, psychological well-being issues, diminished instructive achievement, and restricted monetary open doors.

They state that Scotland’s commitment to safeguarding children’s privileges ought to provoke the public authority to change the law. While not explicitly tending to constrained marriage, the Unified Countries Show on the Freedoms of the Kid accentuates defending youngsters from double-dealing and misuse, which envelops the thought of youngster marriage.

The Assembled Countries advocates the annihilation of “” what’s more, has laid out a worldwide objective to dispense with it by 2030. Advocates contend that neglecting to perceive a youngster as a person under 18 adjusts Scotland with an obsolete viewpoint.

youngster marriage

Lawful Age For Marriage: Testing the Requirement for Change

On the opposing side, those against altering Scotland’s laws argue that the existing legal framework is robust in combating forced marriages. They highlight the Constrained Marriage Protection Act of 2011. 

It empowers courts to issue Protection Orders when there are concerns about forced marriages. This law serves as a safety net to prevent individuals from being forced into marriages against their will.

Advocates for maintaining the current marriage age contend that this legal safeguard adequately protects young individuals from being coerced into marriages they do not consent to or desire. They believe that the current legal measures are comprehensive enough to address and prevent instances of forced or coerced marriages effectively. 

This stance emphasizes the effectiveness of the legal provisions in place.  These suggest that altering the marriage age might not significantly improve the prevention of forced marriages. After all, there are existing protective legislation in Scotland.

Rivals likewise raise worries that raising the marriage age to 18 could restrict young people’s independence furthermore, capacity to settle on informed decisions. Social and strict calculates additionally come into play, with stresses that change could obstruct the individuals who wish to wed hence. Potential lawful errors are featured, for example, likely irregularities between the lawful marriage age and the time of assent for sex, which stays at 16.

The Way ahead

Considering questions presented in the Scottish Parliament in June 2021, the Scottish government communicated the requirement for extensive public counsel previously taking into account the regulation to raise the base lawful marriage age to 18. While no formal discussion has occurred at this point, the government’s position recommends a cautious methodology for expected change.

At multifaceted harmony between safeguarding weak youthful people, regarding individual decisions, and tending to potential lawful intricacies will without a doubt shape the course of any future changes to Scotland’s marriage regulations.

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