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Israel Forms War Cabinet Amid Ongoing Conflict

Israel Forms War Cabinet Amid Ongoing Conflict

Amidst all the war and strife, the Israeli authorities formed an emergency unity government.

The Israeli military forces set off jets to the Gaza territory. Tanks from Israel’s military forces targeted the Palestinian enclave. Israel’s army claims that they even killed three Hamas militants.

Benny Gantz is the former Minister of Defense of Israel.  He is also a centrist opposition leader. He delivered an official statement along with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Yoav Gallant, the current Defence Minister. They delivered their speech after the exclusive war cabinet was formed to focus on the ongoing conflict.

“Our partnership is not political, it is a shared fate,” said the current Defense Minister, Gantz. “At this time we are all the soldiers of Israel.” he added.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, in his speech, said that the citizens of Israel the leaders are all united now. “We have put aside all differences because the fate of our state is on the line,” he said.

Israel’s death toll stands at 1,200 roughly with 2,700 citizens wounded.

Israeli retribution strikes on the Gaza territory have costed the lives of 1,100 people. 5,339 are wounded according to official records.

Around 535 residential buildings are left completely destroyed. 250,000 people are rendered homeless, Hamas officials confirmed. The displaced citizens have found shelter in U.N.-designated facitlities.

President Joe Biden of the United States has made Washington’s support for the government and the people of Israel very clear.

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