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How An Immigration Lawyer Can Expedite Your Italian Investor Visa Journey

Immigration Lawyer

Immigration is trending because it sets you up for a fresh start in another part of the world.

You can experience a different lifestyle, get a slice of a new culture, and explore lucrative business and professional opportunities. To hire an immigration lawyer, you have to know what types of immigration laws are present in the system and how to recover them.

But the legal aspects of an immigration lawyer can get daunting because every country has specific laws and processes. Moreover, they have different routes for aspiring immigrants to get in.

Italy Is Best Selection For An Immigration Destination

Italy is one of the most popular immigration destinations because it offers the best opportunities and diverse routes. In fact, the Italian investor visa is the ideal option for legal immigration

If you want to dig deeper into the route, there’s an interesting article written by Bersani Law about the investor’s visa processing. But you should not take things for granted because a minor error can pose a big hindrance. 

Do you know in Italy, an immigration lawyer’s salary is nearly about 7,280 EUR.Iso there should be no doubt that every time you spend on it, you should hire a person who is going to fulfill your immigration-related requirements.

Let us explain how an immigration lawyer can expedite your investor visa journey.

Help WithThe Evaluation Of Investment Alternatives

The good thing about the Italian investor visa and immigration lawyer is that it allows applicants to choose an investment option that fits their budget. 

Although the investor visa route is typically for high-net-worth applicants, the choice of investment alternatives makes it affordable for people looking to move to Italy. You can check the following alternatives-

Investment Alternatives
  • Funding of €250,000 to an innovative startup venture
  • An investment of €500,000 in an established local business
  • A donation of €1 million to a public welfare project in areas like cultural preservation, education, scientific research, and immigration management
  • Purchasing of any government bonds worth nearly about €2 million

A professional can help you evaluate these options thoroughly and choose the ideal one according to your circumstances.

Supported With Documentation And Process

Like any other immigration route, the Italian investor process visa entails documentation and a set of steps. Your bank statements make the primary document as they establish your ability to invest in the country. 

You require them as proof of funds to obtain a nulla osta or certificate of no impediment. Besides bank statements, you will also have to provide your ID proof and criminal checks while applying for the investor visa at your local consulate. 

Although the paperwork and process sound simple, you should not leave them to chance. A minor mistake or omission can delay the process or even lead to rejection. Having an immigration lawyer on board gives you peace of mind as they ensure no errors and omissions.

Documentation And Process

Guidance For The Long-Term Citizenship Goal

Getting an investor visa is typically the first step of a citizenship journey because most aspirants seek it eventually. The Italian passport is among the most powerful, so it is worth working hard for. 

You will have to stay in the country as a resident for a decade and hold your initial investment throughout this period. 

The process can be complicated as you need to renew your residence permits from time to time to become eligible for citizenship by naturalization down the road. A seasoned immigration lawyer is the best person to guide you throughout the process.

The Italian investor visa is an easy immigration route, but taking the process frivolously is the last thing you should do. Get a Reputable immigration attorney for your case, as they can help you ease and expedite the journey.

Long-Term Citizenship Goal

Who Are The Immigration Criminal Lawyer?

The immigration criminal issues are part of the intense political and media coverage issue in the present time. Every time the government changes, the laws for immigration keep changing. 

From the families and the individuals, these laws are very important. As the whole immigration process is seriously complex, and all sorts of laws are associated with tax laws and other types of business-related issues.

Immigration lawyers represent their clients in administrative courtrooms. They also provide counseling on the basis of the client’s requirements. These immigration-related issues are getting sorted up with the help of immigration concerns.

Immigration Criminal Lawyer

Wrapping It Up:

An immigration lawyer is a person who is actually taking care of immigration and visa-related concerns.

Apart from visa-related issues, you will also go to get the opportunity to learn more about the new visa-related laws.

Italy’s laws of immigration keep changing, and when you are planning to implement any of the laws, it will be better to know more about the laws before the application of the laws.

And hiring immigration lawyers is going to give you the opportunity to deal with these types of problems.


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