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How To Change Your Name After Divorce Step By Step Guide

How To Change Your Name After Divorce

The process of divorce is very traumatizing especially if you had a marriage that lasted a long period of time.  Having to begin this process, to the very last bit of it is not an easy thing by any stretch of the imagination.  People struggle with this process and by the time they are getting done with this they are normally very exhausted.  Being this way, you might want to know how to change your name after divorce.  

You might wonder why this is the case and why you need to take on it anyway. For a person intending to take on a divorce knowing how to change your name after divorce is so beneficial, it helps you to know what to do at the end of this process.  This way, you will be able to significantly increase your chances of making this entire process a success.  

As such, having the knowledge of changing your name after divorce is so imperative to the divorce process.  However, knowing how to go about this process on the other hand is by far not an easy thing.  Unless you know the procedure, you are likely to end up struggling to carry out this process which is something that you do not want.  

How To Change Your Name After Divorce 

There are so many procedures that surround the process of divorce and changing the name.  In many cases, the people who seek to change their names are in many cases women who adopt the names of their husbands after marriage.  Once married, many ladies prefer to use the names of their husbands as their names.  

However, when things go south people look for ways of getting back to their normal lives.  In this quest, many things happen, among them women having to change their names to restore their previous marriages.  However, seeking to know how to change your name but not knowing how to change your name after divorce might not lead you anywhere.  

Is It Mandatory To Change Your Name After Divorce? 

This is one of the questions that have been asked so many times by different people who look for a way on how to change their names.  As a person, you might find interest in knowing whether changing your name after divorce is mandatory or not. Once you know about this, you will learn how to legally change your last name after divorce.

Well, it is not or not really, to say the least.  The use of names rarely arises as an issue in any separation process.  This means as to whether you are going to change your name after you have divorced or not is up to you.  If you choose you can but if you do not like then you can leave it that way unless the other partner forbids the use of their names.  

However, in the event where the use of the names involved comes with some benefits then further clarification should be sought.  For instance, a husband can seek to have a court bar their wives from using their names once they are separated.  

In terms of legality and the whole issue of name changing there is no such legal obligation in law.  This therefore changing your name or not being able to be purely a matter of interest.  If you are interested you can do that but if you are not then better to keep your name. 

How To Change Your Name After Divorce 

This discussion is based on the assumption that you wish to change your name after a divorce. Knowing that you do not know how to change your name after divorce, you might want help in this regard. If you really wish to undertake this process then this is how you do it.  

Step 1: Draft Your Petition Relating To Your Intended Name Change 

To get started with this process, you need to start by drafting and submitting two legal forms.  The intention of doing this is to notify the relative court where your current court cases are going on.  Alongside this filing, you will have to also pay the fee associated with this process to get started.  

Step 2: Fill The Form CC-1416 

This is the second step in this process.  With this procedure, you now need to move ahead and fill the civil cover sheet.  This just in case you do know what it is, is a legal form that must be filled in a circuit civil court.  On this form, you are required to list the circuit court name where you are filing your case.  

Other than that, you are also required to fill in your name as well as your required contact information.  You will also be required to state the kind of case that you are trying to file.  There are many places where you can download these forms.  

Step 3: File Your Forms With Your Preferred Circuit Court 

Once you have filled all the forms required for this process, the next thing you want to do is follow that up by filling these forms in your circuit court.  You are allowed to file all the associated forms at any given time during the divorce procedure.  

Step 4: Serve All The Copies Of your Forms To Your Attorney 

For you to be able to change your names successfully, you also need to serve your other spouse with the same as well.  You can choose to inform during the divorce process through these forms that you wish to change names.  

Step 5: Wait Until The Court Returns The Final Signed Order 

Once you have filled your copies the circuit court judge will then move ahead and sign your name change order.  This order simply means that you have been allowed to use your maiden names as it were before you got married.  


If you have been looking for a way on how to change your name after divorce then you need to read the text above.  From this text, you are going to find all the information you need in this regard.  If this is what you have been seeking then the text will be so helpful for you.  

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