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How Long Is Law School to Become a Lawyer?

how long is law school

It is the desire of many people to become lawyers. The prestige that comes with the course and the reward of it is so hard for many people to ignore. This is why many people have been trying hard to try and become lawyers themselves. However, there is so much more to this information than what many people think, for how long is law school which is essential, is not known to many people.  

A good number of people who seek to become lawyers in various parts of the world still have no idea how long this course takes.  The duration of any course is very essential especially when it comes to planning.  As a person seeking to become a lawyer, you need to, first of all, determine the timing of this course before making your plans.  

That said, it is essential to look deeply into this issue of timing. You need to know exactly how long this course is going to take and then move on to plan your timing adequately. With that in mind, the article below takes a look at this issue and tries to help know how long exactly this course lasts.  

How long is law school? 

 First of all, the question of how long is law school is very general.  This means that as it is, the question can attract as many responses as there is very important to note.  Maybe if the question was set to read like how long is law school but then went further to talk about the level then it could have been much easier to answer.  For instance, if someone talked of a diploma or degree then it could have been much easier to come up with a much precise and concise answer.  

That said, this discussion will be based on the assumption that the people asking how long is law school is talking about a degree. Given that this is a major area of enrollment with this course it is right to say that information in this regard will be so useful in the end.  

There are various types, of course, going for various periods of time 

If you were to give information about how long is law school then you might have to capture everything in this regard.  That in itself is not a bad thing but it is somehow hard given the indefinite nature of some of these courses. Other than that, this course also comes at various levels which take various periods of time depending on the levels and where they are studied.  As such, it is not easy to give any clear information regarding the length of this course.  Nonetheless, it is still possible to capture some useful information in this regard regarding the length of this course.  This is what the discussion dwells on which is very key.  

How long does it take to become a lawyer? 

Having said all that, it is now time to address the elephant in the room.  It is now time to look into the issue of the length of this course.  How long is law school you might want to know just like many other people out there?  

To put it right, this period of time varies from one place to the other.  There are some countries and schools that offer various timeliness for this course. That said, this course takes a period of seven years in many places.  This is for the degree course which in many parts of the world lasts seven years.  Out of this period which is seven years, there are four years which are taken in the undergraduate school, then 3 in the law school.  

In some places and this is very rare by the way, the course might take slightly under this period which is 6 years.  In such a case, the learners will take 4 years in the undergraduate studies then move ahead to spend the remaining two in a law school.  Therefore, it is important to note that even though the time taken in a law school might vary, the undergraduate period remains the same in many parts of the world.  

Once you complete the four-year course, you will get a law degree.  This is regardless of whether you will proceed on to law school or not.  However, for you to be eligible to practice law then you must go through law school very critically and essential to note.

The period could go high even further 

The period one takes in a law school is also dependent on many factors.  For instance, there are people who might want to study in this course up to the doctorate level.  In such a case, the people undertaking this course might take much longer in school than the others.  However, whatever these courses are, they are secondary to the basic training in this area which takes 4 years for the undergraduate course.

Beyond that, this period might vary depending on the kind of academic path one pursues later after that.  This, therefore, makes it somehow hard to tell exactly how long is law school given the irregular nature of these courses and timelines. The most essential thing to note in all this though is that this course has a base period of four years.  Once you complete this period, where you go after that will depend on the kind of interests you have.  

The 4-year period applies to all types of law courses.  It doesn’t really matter which one of them you wish to pursue, the course will last this long.  There could be some slight differences but they rarely affect this time.  


There have been some questions regarding how long is a law school.  With so much information scattered all over, it has been hard to tell exactly how long this course lasts.  The article above attempts to look at how long exactly this course lasts in various parts of the world.

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