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Types Of Hold Harmless Agreements And When To Use Them

hold harmless

There are many people who have heard about a hold harmless phrase but have no idea of what exactly this is. In fact, if someone made a statement to you regarding a hold harmless then you might not be able to understand what this is. This lack of proper information on this issue has made it essential to provide as much information on this issue as it is possible.  

Starting from what is hold harmless agreement to many other factors about this topic there is a need to provide as much information on the same as it is possible. This is exactly what this text is all about. For the people who have been asking what is a hold harmless agreement, this text is specifically for you.  

From the text, you are going to find all the relevant information you need on this topic and many other things as well. With so many details to this topic, the best place to start from is by defining what a hold harmless is. From here, other details will follow which are very much relevant to this topic as well which will then see you end up well informed in the end.  

What Is A Hold Harmless?

 A hold harmless in simple terms is a clause that is included in the construction contracts. The role of this agreement is to release a party from any consequences and liabilities which occur from the other. The use of hold harmless is mainly used by subcontractors who then provide harmless agreement to contractors. 

In many cases, an agreement of this nature normally comes with a specific language that is intended at protecting the contractor as well as other intended parties. This kind of agreement should also have provisions for neglecting any claims, losses, or even expenses, or any other source of dispute that might arise in the construction process.  

The other essential thing you need to know is that the hold agreement protection varies from one place to the other. The execution of the hold harmless clause varies from one place to the other which is also something you need to take note of.  

Hold Harmless Agreements Forms 

It is in agreement that the hold harmless agreement is an idea that is not well known out there by many people. However, this does not mean that knowledge in this area is not that essential, it is. For instance, one of the things that are not well known about the hold harmless agreements is the many types that come in this matter.  

As such, it is essential for discussion of this nature to look into some of the benefits which come along with the hold harmless. This is exactly what this text is all about, it takes a look at some of the types of hold harmless which you need to know as well.  

Broad Form 

This is the first type of hold harmless agreement. If you are a subcontractor who is being insured then you assume all the liabilities for any accidents occurring due to your own negligence. Even though this kind of contract covers so many things many states and other countries do not allow for its use.  

The reason why this kind of hold harmless is not that popular in many areas is because of its broad terms. In many cases, validating this type of agreement the responsible subcontractor must be able to fully finance their own liability with another insurance policy.  

The Intermediate Form 

In this kind of form, the responsible subcontractor is the person responsible for all the liabilities for the agreements which occur out of accidents. In this kind of a hold harmless the responsible subcontractor is only responsible for his or her negligence and not those of the contractor himself or herself.  

The nature of this subcontractor makes it one of the most common types of harmless agreements there is around. If you go to many places then chances are this is the kind of harmless agreement you are likely to get there. The agreement does not really stipulate whether the occurring accident is due to the subcontractor or the contractor’s negligence, it only talks about who is responsible for the accident and that is it nothing more.  

Limited Form 

In this kind of agreement, the subcontractor is only held accountable for their actions or even negligence. However, this goes on or is only allowed to a limited level.  What this hold harmless agreement means is that the subcontractor will only assume liability but only to a certain extent and not for everything they do.  

There are details you need to provide before getting into a hold harmless agreement.  These details might vary from one state to the other through some of them remain common.  Some of the common details involved in this case include the party and the person to be held harmless, the person providing protection, and many others which vary. 

Who Needs A Hold Harmless Agreement 

There also has been a question of who exactly needs a hold harmless agreement and for what purpose. The people who need to hold harmless agreements are many but also vary from one place to the other. For instance, real estate construction is one of the places where this agreement is so crucial. Other than that, there are also other places like events and many others as well.  

The role of the harmless agreement is to make sure that people are held accountable for their actions. In the world negligence is like the order of the day in the daily activities of some people, a hold harmless agreement cannot come in better.  


The text above looks into the entirety of a hold harmless agreement and how it works in various parts of the world.  If you have some questions regarding this topic then you will be able to find answers to the same in the text above.  

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