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Jury Verdict: Ford To Pay $1.7 Billion In Punitive Damages

Punitive Damages

Ford Motor Co. faces punitive damages on a Jury verdict that took place after a fatal crash involving one of Ford’s older models. These Super Duty pickup trucks in question, have been produced by the company since 1999.

The lawsuit originated in the year 2014 when 2 people died after a rollover accident involving a Ford F-250.

The punitive liability of $1.7 Billion arose after the jury of Gwinnett County reached a verdict on the case. The verdict questioned the dangerously low roof strength of the Ford F-250 model of which 5.2 Million have been sold.

The lawsuit was filed by the family of the couple who died inside the truck after one of the tires blew out. This caused the truck to roll over. The roofs have been deemed to be dangerously weak to the point that they could crash and kill the people sitting inside in case of an accident.

The victims, Melvin and Voncile Hill, were driving their 2002 Ford truck when the accident took place.

After the esteemed jury had passed the verdict, Ford delivered its statement. Ford authority stated that while they sympathized with the Hill family, they did not believe that the verdict reached was based on evidence.

The lawyers representing the Hill family claimed that Ford was fully aware of the roof defects in the mentioned model.

The prosecution seems to be satisfied with the verdict and is glad that this part of the lawsuit has reached its just end.

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