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First Offense In DWI: What Is The Penalty In Kansas

What Is The Penalty In Kansas

If you face the first Offence charge on Driving Under the Influence, you need to keep yourself aware of the penalties and other consequences.

So, if you are in Kansas and are completely unaware of the laws and regulations, then make sure that you consult with a Kansas City DWI lawyer.

In order to have a complete and comprehensive idea about Driving Under the Influence, read more about it here.

In this article, we are going to discuss the penalty or not that one might face for the First Offence in DWI.

Kansas DUI Statute

First thing first! You got to know the certain circumstances under which you can be charged with a violation of Driving under the Influence.

So, you need to form a complete idea regarding the laws or the circumstance.

1. If you are having a blood or breath alcohol concentration of around .08 or higher, then there is a high chance of you getting detained under the law.

2. If you are found with an alcohol concentration of .08 or more, within three hours from the operation of your vehicle you come under the violations. Therefore, make sure that you know all about it all.

3. Suppose you consume the level of alcohol and are not in a position where you could control the vehicle, it means there is a high chance that you are found guilty of an offense. And there is no respite.

4. If you are under the influence of a drug and or some combination of drugs to such a degree that makes you incapable of controlling the car on the highways, you are definitely at risk.

5. If you are under the influence of a certain drug and alcohol to a certain degree that leaves you out of your control, then you are again at risk.

Therefore, you being inexperienced enough, is not at all suitable to act wisely in such urgency. Therefore, it’s better for you to consult Kansas City DWI Lawyers.

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The Reason That You Need To Talk To A Kansas DUI Defense Attorney

If you think that you are going to fight all the cases alone yourself, let us tell you that you are in some fool’s paradise.

There are constructive reasons why you need to consult a DUI Kansas Attorney Lawyer.

Remember that if you are confined under the DUI lawyer, let me say that you are in some great danger.

Therefore, if you are convicted, then there is a high chance your employment could be stripped of form.

You need to consult a DUI lawyer representing you if it will be much of an advantage for you. Remember that the DUI lawyer has loads of experience. They also have rapport and relations with the Corps.

So they are going to handle it in a much better manner. Therefore, if you plead guilty, there is ample reason for you to consult Kansas City DWI Lawyers in advance.

And one thing is extremely important, if you try to negotiate through the process on your own, you might end up facing severe consequences. Therefore, hope you have understood by the time why you need

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What Are The Penalties For DUIs In Kansas?

So, there are certain elements that come under the offense and penalty imposed. Therefore, if you are committing it for the first time, you come under a Class B nonperson misdemeanor.

Therefore, if you are convicted you are definitely going to face the following penalties, that’s for sure.

  • If you are convicted of the offense, you are sentenced to no less than 48 hours and more than 6 months of jail, coupled with a 100-hour public service.
  • You will be imposed a fine between $750 and $1000.

And along with it, you ought to serve 48 relentless hours of Imprisonment and around 100 hours of public services. Furthermore, you might be asked to take part in the Alcohol or drug program.

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In order to conclude it could be said that you need to take the first offense in DUI lightly. You need to build awareness of the DUI laws in Kansas.

An awareness will better arm you when you face such contingency at any point in time. So, consulting lawyers is necessary. Leave this to experts.

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