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Few Republicans Question Uyghur Law On Forced Labour Enforced In June

Few Republicans Question Uyghur Law

China’s Xinjiang region has been under a lot of speculation lately. Republicans are questioning the Customs Department of the United States. The customs department is being questioned on the business restrictions that have been imposed on the regions of China that are infamous for their forced labor practices on the Uyghur Community. 

Quite a few members (Republicans) of the US House of Representatives have expressed dislike for the Uyghur Forced Labour Prevention Act imposed by the Customs and Border Protection Forces that affects the import of goods from the areas linked to Uyghur Forced Labor instances. 

More than a couple of dozens of Republican members have sent their inquiries in a letter that was addressed to the Customs department and the Director of Foreign Assets, a wing under the US Department of Treasury. 

The departments that the letter has been addressed to have either remained silent or have declined to issue any statements. The letter has been made open to the public and has all the scrutiny relevant to the case noted in it.

The Xinjiang region has been an important supplier of important products, such as cotton, tomatoes, and solar panels. Uyghur Forced Labor Law passed has allegedly caused a lot of inconvenience relating to the interruption of shipments and the rise in costs. 

Multinational chains such as Walmart and Intel have maintained some distance from the controversial region of China, ever since the law has gone into force. 

The Chinese Government has fought back on the allegations calling them lies.

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