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Federal Court Upholds $14.25 Million Judgment Against ExxonMobil Corp

Judgment Against ExxonMobil Corp

A judgment upholding a hefty fee was reinstated by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals of the United States, which happens to be situated in New Orleans. A sum of $14.25 Million is to be paid by ExxonMobil Corp. due to the pollution caused by its refining and petrochemical complex situated in Baytown, Texas.

The lawsuit was initially brought upon the multinational oil and gas company by two environmental activist groups, Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter and Environment Texas. 

This attempt by ExxonMobil Corporation was its second one at an appeal against a judgment by the Houston District Court stating that the multinational oil and gas company was responsible for the pollution released into the Baytown area by its chemical refineries. 

Exxon Corp held that the violations caused by the Baytown complex accounted for a total of 16,286 days, many of which were simultaneous in nature. 

Julie King who delivered her opinion as the official spokesperson stated that ExxonMobil respected the ruling delivered but did not agree with it. The company has acted in a responsible manner while keeping up with federal rules and regulations, she stated. However, it is yet to consider the next steps that it is going to take. 

Mr. Metzger who serves as the executive director of the pro-environment organization, Environment Texas, has stated that after 13 long years of litigation, it is finally time for ExxonMobil to claim responsibility for the damage caused.

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