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Typical Scenarios When You Will Need A Family Lawyer

Family Lawyer

Law is a very complex field, with many sub-variants; criminal, corporate, environmental, and, of course, family law.

Society is complicated and there are many laws to protect our human rights here are a few of the scenarios where you might need the services of a family solicitor.

Here Are Seven Typical Scenarios When You Will Need A Family Lawyer

Need A Family Lawyer

1. Divorce or separation –

One of the most requested of all family law services is to represent the client in divorce proceedings. You only get one shot with a divorce hearing and there might be an awful lot at stake, which is why you should engage the services of a leading family law firm.

2. Child support –

When a relationship ends and there are children involved, both parents should sit down and work out child support and if for one reason or another, this is not forthcoming, you can file a child support motion and a family court judge would decide on a suitable regular payment.

3. Domestic violence –

Sadly, domestic violence is on the rise and if you have a violent partner or ex-partner, you can file for a restraining order that prohibits that person from making any form of contact with you. If you search online, you will find emergency numbers that you can call if you are a victim of domestic abuse. Click here to learn more about family law in Miami.

4. Adoption –

If you are looking to adopt a child, a family lawyer can help you immensely; the screening process is very complex, as you would imagine, and an experienced lawyer knows the process very well and can ensure that you get a favorable outcome.

As soon as you decide that you wish to adopt, the next logical step would be to consult a family lawyer, who would know the requirements and can help you to prepare your application.

5. Superannuation –

According to Australian law, it is possible to split some of your superannuation, as part of the payment of a divorce settlement, for example. A court order can be obtained for the superannuation of one partner into the superannuation fund of the other partner.

6. Property & asset division –

In most marriages or de facto relationships, both parties work hard to gain some equity and should the relationship come to an end, property and other assets need to be divided. This can often require a lot of mediation if the two parties are not in agreement over asset division and that requires a lawyer with good negotiation skills.

7. Parenting –

When a marriage or de facto relationship ends, there are obvious parenting responsibilities that need to be agreed upon. One parent would be the main guardian, while the other would have regular visitation rights and this is not always as simple as it might sound.

If emotions are running high, it can be difficult to have a productive meeting to sort out child visitation and both parties have lawyers to handle that sort of thing.

The family lawyer is very experienced in all of the above family law matters and should you ever require their services, a Google search is all it takes to locate a qualified family lawyer.

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