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Hunter Biden’s Historic Trial: Facing Gun-Related Charges in Federal Court

Hunter Biden's Historic Trial: Facing Gun-Related Charges in Federal Court

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is set to appear in Court on the third of October. The trial will take place in a federal code in Wilmington, Delaware. Hunter is facing gun-related charges. This information came from an order by a judge. This is the first-ever prosecution case of a child of the president of the United States.

Hunter is 53 years old. The indictment charges against him came last week. He had lied on an application form for obtaining a handgun in the year 2018. Hunter lied about his illegal drug use while in possession of the handgun.

The legal team and Hunter himself were seeking to avoid going all the way to deliver to appear for the hearing in person. They gave the reason for facing logistical challenges. However, the judge in the case went on to reject his request to appear via video.

The prosecutor on the case has been conducting a range of investigations against Hunter. The prosecutor was of the opinion that if Hunter appeared in an in-person hearing, it would be a boost to the public confidence. The opponents are of the idea that Hunter should not get special treatment for being the son of the president of the United States. If that happens, people will lose faith in the justice system of the United States.

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