Signs You Should Get Help from a Contested Divorce Attorney

contested divorce attorney

Today, we talk about the role of a contested divorce attorney. Taking the leap into marriage is a tough milestone. 

Many couples end up heading toward divorce, and surprisingly, about 40% of first marriages in the US end this way. Thus, the goal is to stay positive even during tough times like divorce.

Sometimes, your soon-to-be ex might make things harder, dragging out the process and complicating settlements.

In cases like this, getting help from a contested divorce attorney could be the best way to ensure a fair and reasonable agreement. Luckily, this is where you can learn about nine signs that show it’s time to get a divorce attorney’s help. 

So, let’s explore these signs and find ways to reach a peaceful divorce settlement.

An Introduction To Contested Divorce Attorneys

Considering a contested divorce attorney? Here’s a guide to seeing signs that show when it’s time to seek legal help.

Divorces, while tough, are common. 

Did you know that about 40% of initial marriages end this way in the US? But this journey smoothly isn’t always easy. Sometimes, your soon-to-be ex-partner might prolong or complicate the process, making it hard to reach a fair settlement.

That’s where a contested divorce attorney steps in. They’re experts in handling such challenging situations.

Why Do You Need Them And If You Really Do?

You might wonder when it’s necessary to bring in this legal firepower. Well, there are clear signals. When your partner drags their feet or the negotiation feels like an uphill battle, it’s a sign.

These attorneys specialize in managing these tough scenarios and finding solutions. This article will walk you through nine key signs that scream, “It’s time for a contested divorce attorney!”

From delaying tactics to disputes over assets or child custody, each sign will help you recognize when legal intervention becomes crucial.

Divorce isn’t just about paperwork. It also involves emotions, finances, and life changes. A contested divorce attorney guides you through this maze. Therefore, they ensure your rights are protected and fight for a fair resolution.

Grounds On Which You Should Hire Them

Ready to discover the red flags signaling the need for legal support in your divorce journey? Let’s dive in and explore these vital signs together. 

Struggling to Come to a Divorce Agreement

Facing difficulty in agreeing on a divorce? Hiring a contested divorce attorney locally could be advantageous. Often, couples end up in heated disputes while discussing divorce, especially concerning asset division and child custody.

An attorney specialized in this can resolve the deadlock. Their expertise and insight pave the way forward, ensuring progress. Rely on them to secure a fair settlement benefiting both sides.

Having children makes deciding on a divorce more complex. Child custody is often a big source of disagreement in US divorces. Arguments arise when both parents want full custody.

It’s normal to fight hard for your parental rights in a divorce. Your contested divorce lawyer will step in to negotiate and advocate for your custody rights. Therefore, they’ll work towards a solution that benefits everyone involved.

The well-being of your kids comes first when settling a divorce. Make sure your child feels content with the custody arrangements before finalizing the divorce. It’s crucial to ensure their happiness and comfort in this process. 

Your Partner Has Enlisted A Lawyer For Their Side

If your partner hired a divorce lawyer, it’s time for you to find legal help too. When your ex brings in a divorce attorney, it means they’re gearing up for a fight over assets and custody.

While a mediator stays neutral, a divorce attorney fights fiercely for your ex’s interests. To safeguard your rights in the divorce, it’s crucial to hire your own contested divorce attorney. Therefore, this ensures fairness and protection for you during the legal process. 

You Both Own A Considerable Amount Of Valuable Possessions

When couples have lots of joint stuff, like money, houses, or cars, it can complicate the split. These assets are often tough to divide fairly. Therefore, having a contested divorce attorney helps make this process simpler.

Things like stocks, bonds, or businesses make it even more complex. Your attorney works to divide these fairly. It’s crucial to make sure neither of you gets the short end of the stick. 

Opting out of self-representation is wise, given the complexities of court. Without legal know-how, you risk disadvantage. Collaborating with a divorce lawyer improves chances for a fair settlement.

Courts won’t offer leniency due to your lack of expertise. Expect equal treatment, just like an experienced local lawyer.

Errors in court conduct might sway the judge’s decision or even dismiss the case, leading to added costs and delays. Therefore,  contested divorce attorney offers professional assistance, ensuring proper representation. 

You’ve Faced Distressing Or Harmful Treatment

Dealing with an abusive or controlling partner during a divorce is extremely tough. Shockingly, about a third of women in the US endure physical violence from a partner.

Facing your abuser in court is scary. But having a top-notch contested divorce lawyer by your side brings confidence and support to move ahead. Therefore, a skilled attorney offers protection and resources, making this challenging phase easier to navigate. 

You And Your Partner Share Financial Obligations

Sharing debt can create hurdles during divorce. Mortgages or joint credit cards tie couples financially. Certain debts, like student loans, might be one person’s responsibility.

A contested divorce lawyer.  assists in untangling this. They ensure you’re not held accountable for debts that aren’t yours. Therefore, this helps start afresh without drowning in undue financial burden. 

Having A Prenuptial Agreement

Prenups aim to simplify divorce procedures. However, seeking a divorce attorney’s guidance upon filing is prudent. Therefore, your attorney ensures the prenup’s acknowledgment and adherence. 

Concealed Assets

When a partner anticipates divorce, they might hide assets to safeguard wealth. This tactic aims to prevent the full asset split during divorce proceedings

It’s an unethical and illegal move. Therefore, your contested divorce attorney investigates and uncovers these concealed assets, aiding in securing a rightful divorce settlement for you.

What If I Cannot Afford An Attorney For Contested Divorce?

If the cost of a contested divorce attorney is beyond reach, you can:

1. Request an application from the clerk to proceed as indigent.

2. Seek assistance from a pro bono lawyer.

3. Explore mediation or conflict resolution programs.

4. Opt for limited legal representation.

5. Consider separation as an alternative.

6. Reach out to your local bar association or free law clinic.

7. Search for support through legal aid funds.

What Paperwork Will My Attorney Need For A Contested Divorce?

In a contested divorce, resolving disagreements between you and your spouse requires substantial evidence. Therefore, documentation encompasses various aspects such as financial records, assets, income, debts, and child-related details.

Here’s a checklist of documents to present to your divorce attorney:

1. Income tax returns spanning the last 2-3 years

2. W-2s and 1099s

3. Paycheck stubs from the past 6 months

4. Bank statements covering the past 6 months

5. Statements from retirement accounts

6. Credit card statements

7. Mortgage and car loan statements

8. Documents related to life and health insurance

9. Property deeds and vehicle titles

10. Any existing prenuptial or postnuptial agreements

11. Court orders concerning the marriage or children

12. Correspondence exchanged with your spouse or their attorney

To Conclude

Teaming up with a contested divorce attorney shields you from your ex’s harmful behavior and uncovering concealed assets. Therefore, they can even guide you on how to win a custody battle. Your attorney aids in discussing shared assets and child custody, ensuring a peaceful split. They represent you in court, fighting for a fair settlement.

Legal conflicts seem daunting, yet top-notch counsel guides you through. Explore our Legal guides for the assistance you require today!

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