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When Should You Contact A Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Did you know approximately 89,000 motorcycle accidents occur every year in the US? Some of these minor crashes result in mild injuries; however, most collisions result in severe injuries or even fatal ones. In Florida only, 19% of the fatalities include motorcycles.

The reason behind this alarming rise in crashes varies according to weather conditions, reckless behavior on the part of riders, vehicle speed, road conditions and more.

Nevertheless, one thing remains almost certain that parties involved in the accident will experience physical, emotional or property damage to an extent. Victims should contact a motorcycle accident attorney to recover from this damage, particularly financial damage.

But that’s not the only reason. Continue reading to learn more reasons to contact a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Contacting An Attorney

It is recommended to work with a motorcycle accident attorney as soon as possible after getting involved in the crash. Doing so becomes even more crucial if you have experienced severe injuries.

The attorney can help you file the lawsuit and get appropriate financial compensation for the damage and injuries. In case you could not contact the attorney on an immediate basis; you must do so under the following circumstances:

Accident Attorney

1. Severe Injuries Requiring Long-Term Medical Care

You must prioritize medical care if the crash was brutal, resulting in severe injury. Otherwise, your health might worsen, creating challenges in recovery. Nevertheless, once you get treated, you should contact the attorney.

Having medical records of the severity of the injury and information related to total medical expenses will make it easier for the lawyer to file the claim. As the physician prepares the medical reports, it will become challenging for the liable party to deny the claim.

2. Insurance Company Denying Your Claim

Sometimes, injured parties believe that they can handle the claim on their own without seeking assistance from a professional.

However, it is easier said than done. Insurance companies may use your lack of adequate knowledge to offer you low compensation and create issues of unnecessary delay. If you experience such a situation or if the insurance adjuster struggles to deal with all the necessary paperwork or provide adequate proof of your claim, having a lawyer by your side will come in handy.

They are well-versed with the tactics generally used by insurance companies; hence, they help you deal with the claim process.

3. You Have A Few Questions About Your Claim

You can also contact the attorney if you have any doubt regarding the claim in your mind that the insurance company is unable to provide. A lawyer is likely to provide you with a satisfactory answer regarding your claim, including relevant evidence to support the information given.

They can advise you about the things to expect during a claim statement process, the amount of compensation you should expect based on your condition or damage and more.

Why Contacting An Attorney Immediately Is Crucial?

According to the statute of limitations, in Florida, victims of the crash can make a personal injury claim within 4 years. In simple terms, victims, especially those who are severely injured, have plenty of time to begin the process. Yet, the sooner the process begins, the better the chances of the victim getting a successful resolution. It will also help the lawyer file the case and collect necessary and relevant information. Following are the reasons you should contact the lawyer early.

  • The details of the incident will be a lot clearer and more accurate a few days after the accident. These details are likely to get mixed up with the passage of time.
  • Witnesses of the incident will also have a better memory. Otherwise, the witness statement may get changed after a few weeks or months, which can create a challenge for your case.
  • If you contact lawyers immediately, it will be easier for them to collect the necessary evidence to support your case. They will be able to contact the witnesses, visit the incident spot and check the video footage of the accident. Collecting this evidence can become a hassle later on.
  • You’ll be able to get rightful financial compensation quickly, which can help reduce your financial burden.

Wrapping It All Up

It does not matter whether the accident was minor or major; if it results in any type of damage, mild or severe, you must exercise your right to get financial compensation. So, get in touch with your attorney and discuss your case. Make sure to explain the details of the accidents and provide relevant evidence that supports your claim. Rest leave it to the attorney to provide you with justice.


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