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Hunter Biden Sues Irs Whistleblowers Over Alleged Unauthorized Tax Disclosure

Hunter Biden Sues Irs Whistleblowers Over Alleged Unauthorized Tax Disclosure

Hunter Biden is now suing the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. On Grounds of alleged unlawful disclosure of taxes, the IRS is now an official defendant in a lawsuit. 

Hunter’s legal team filed the lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia on Monday.

The allegations against the IRS are publicly disclosing the whereabouts of his taxes through whistle-blowing. 

Terms of the lawsuit specifically focus on statements from the Agents of the Internal Revenue Service, Gary Shapley, and Joseph Ziegler.

Earlier, the House of Representatives Republicans were conducting a long-running investigation into Hunter’s taxes and business dealings. 

Shapley and Ziegler made these statements in an interview regarding this investigation. 

Hunter Biden is a seasoned politician who is at the center of a political storm right now. He is currently a party to multiple lawsuits, some of which are quite controversial in nature. 

Very recently he has lodged another law suit for the illegal publishing of the contents of his laptop and phone. Republicans are trying to conduct an impeachment inquiry stating that the president, Mr. Joseph Biden, has been tied to the business practices of his son. 

However, the Republicans have not yet produced any evidence to back up their claims. The White House has publicly denied all claims of wrongdoing. Mr. Hunter Biden is the first son of the United States. 

He is facing drug charges for lying about his illegal drug usage and purchase of a firearm. Earlier, the first son had almost reached a plea deal on the tax and firearm charges, but it soon collapsed. 

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